Writing Grants For Dummies

Grants are what we call the charitable money used to help in building a better economy, supporting individuals, business, education, and special projects to uplift the life of the citizenry whether in a local setting or in national domain. These are basically the funds distributed by Grant makers who come from different corporations, foundations, organizations and the Government. Most of the grants are geared towards alleviating the predicaments that are experienced by different sectors in the society such as education and health system.

But before yielding a grant, a proposal is made first in a form of Grant Writing. What is grant writing by the way? It is a standard practice in which a proposal is made for subsidy for a government agency, corporation, and foundation.

To write an efficient proposal, there are key elements of grant writing that should be followed:

Executive Summary – An introduction to the proposal wherein a summary of the Budget and Organizational Information, Project description, and the Statement of Need are reflected. This part plays a very important role because this will serve as the canopy of the whole proposal. It should be well written and crafted to entice Grant makers to buy the proposal.

Statement of Need – Determines the necessity of the project, why it should be granted, and what does it look like in the actual setting. There are means to present the statement of need. Maximizing the internet as the primary resource of information would be of help but you have to makes sure it is direct to the point, brief, and concise.

Project Description – The details of the project should be clearly stated under this element. This would consist describing the Mission, Goals, and Objectives of the project so that anyone who reads it will be able to realize the ideas and how it is being implemented.

Budget – This element is very significant for the project to come into life. Grant makers value their money a lot and they best appreciate it if it will be granted to a project that will generate success later on. Thus, the costs should be explained thoroughly, detail by detail, for the Grant makers to comprehend and deal with its whole process.

Organizational information – The chance to showcase the aptitude of the project is mainly stated under this element. It should comprise a brief account of the organization, the list of the primary activities, audiences, and services offered with it. It is also important to point out the experiences the personnel has and the previous projects done successfully.

Conclusion – This area consists of the summary of the above elements. It should be neat and concise. It should portray the concluding image of the submission for the readers. It is advised to never include additional information. Just keep it compelling and direct to the point.

Evaluation/Outcomes – In this element, you primary task is to evaluate the project itself, would it be successful or not? It depends on how you determine the project on a daily basis. You must take into consideration that the indicators of success are setting a specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bounded goals and objectives.

It is said that more funds are raised when more grant proposals are written. Here are some basic tips:

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