Wildlife Without Borders-Africa Program Grants

What is Wildlife Without Borders-Africa Program Grants?

Aims To strengthen the ability of African institutions to manage and conserve species, habitats, and ecological process for the benefit of the people of Africa and the world. Of particular interests are projects that build the human and institutional capacity of effectively conserve and manage natural protected areas in Africa. Of particular interest are projects that provide training to: (1) Increase human and institutional capacity to mitigate the impact of extractive industries, climate change, human/wildlife conflict, illegal trade in bushmeat, and/or wildlife disease in and around protected areas; (2) Strengthen human and institutional capacity to administer protected areas by focusing on: human resource management, financial management, vehicle and facility maintenance, grant writing and project implementation, community outreach and education, conflict resolution, and coalition building; (3) Increase the capacity of universities, colleges or other institutions to deliver training programs on protected area management; and (4) Strengthen decision makers’ knowledge of concepts relevant to protected area design, legislation, policy, and finance, and the importance of harmonizing these with other national sectoral policies; (5) Assess the capacity of protected areas and/or institutions responsible for their management.

Who are eligible for the Wildlife Without Borders-Africa Program Grants?

Federal, State and local government agencies; non-profit, non-governmental organizations; and public and private institutions of higher education, or any of the stated associate entities on behalf of an eligible individual.

How to apply for the Wildlife Without Borders-Africa Program Grants?

The program announcement and application instructions for this program can be found at the Grants.gov website: http://www.grants.gov. Complete application information can also be found at http://www.fws.gov/international/DIC/regional%20programs/africa/Africa.html, or, if unable to access the website, by requesting a paper copy from the Division of International Conservation, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 4401 N. Fairfax Drive, Room 100, Arlington, VA 22203, Telephone: (703) 358-1754.

A proposal will not be considered complete if all required elements are not submitted as instructed. U.S. applicants must submit (among other elements) a complete, signed Standard Form 424 Application for Federal Assistance.

How much funding is available for the Wildlife Without Borders-Africa Program Grants?

Variable amounts. Due to the limited funding available and the desire to support diverse projects, preference will be given to proposals requesting $50,000 or less. Higher amounts may be requested with appropriate justification.

Where to send applications for the Wildlife Without Borders-Africa Program Grants?

Chief, Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Services, Division of International Conservation, 4401 North Fairfax Drive, Room 100, Arlington, Virginia 22203-1622 Email: WWB_Africa@fws.gov Phone: (703) 358-1754 Fax: (703) 358-2115.

For more information on the Wildlife Without Borders-Africa Program Grants, contact:

http://www.fws.gov/international/DIC/regional%20 programs/africa/Africa.html

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