Norfolk Southern Foundation

What is Norfolk Southern Foundation?

The Norfolk Southern Foundation was established in 1984 to direct and implement Norfolk Southern Corporation’s charitable giving programs. Through strategic investment in educational, cultural, environmental and economic development opportunities within the region served by Norfolk Southern, the Foundation seeks to raise the standards of such programming, thereby enhancing the quality of life for Norfolk Southern employees and enhancing the “livability” of the communities it serves, enabling them to attract additional business development. Norfolk Southern Foundation offers grants in three principal areas: Educational programs, primarily at the post-secondary level; Community enrichment focusing on cultural and artistic organizations; and Environmental programs.

Who are eligible for the Norfolk Southern Foundation?

Applications will not be accepted from:

  • Individuals or organizations established to help specific individuals
  • Religious, fraternal, social or veterans organizations
  • Political or lobbying organizations
  • Public or private elementary and secondary schools
  • Organizations whose activities are focused outside Norfolk Southern territory
  • Fundraising events, telethons, races or benefits
  • Sports and athletic organizations and activities
  • Community or private foundations, or other organizations that merely redistribute to other eligible organizations aggregated contributions
  • Disease-related organizations and hospitals

How to apply for the Norfolk Southern Foundation?

To Apply for a Grant

Under the Foundation’s program of discretionary funding, grant requests are accepted only between July 15 and September 30 for funding in the following calendar year. There is no formal application. Written requests should outline the purpose and objectives of the organization, sources of funding, organization officers and directors, and intended use of funds requested. Applications must include a copy of the organization’s IRS Code Section 501(c)(3) letter of determination and the last three years of financial statements.

Decisions will be made by December 31 for the following year’s discretionary funding program. Notification will be made early in the following calendar year. The Vice President and Executive Officer and the Executive Director are responsible for the interpretation and administration of the Foundation’s grant program, and their decision is final.

Where to send applications for the Norfolk Southern Foundation?

Mail applications to:

Norfolk Southern Foundation
P. O. Box 3040
Norfolk, VA 23514-3040

For more information on the Norfolk Southern Foundation, contact:

Questions may be directed to the Foundation at 757-629-2881 or by email to

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