Grants for Buying A Car

For the less privileged citizens wanting to buy a car, whether new or second hand, there are available grants for buying a car provided that the car will be used for a good reason such as starting a new life and having a car would be a tool for it. The federal government also offered this kind of grants to its military servicemen who became impaired due to the service they give for the country.

1-800-Charity Cars Grants

The 1-800-Charity Cars is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that offers cars for free as well as grants for buying a car to the low income employees and those who suffered from a disability. In addition to that, the organization assists domestic violence victims in obtaining a car of their own so that they can start rebuilding their lives in order for them to become self sufficient. The organization works together with other social service and non-profit organizations. They also accept vehicle donations that are tax-deductable. The donated vehicles are auctioned in order for them to raise money so that they can finance their programs for the needy individuals and families. Eligible applicants are the following: domestic violence, people in need of medical support, natural disasters victims, families that are changing from the public assistance to the work class, those families in the transitional living shelters, poor that are working, family of the military servicemen and other non-profit organizations.

    Application is done online by visiting
    750 Miami Spring Dr
    Longwood, FL 32779

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Program

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs or simply VA provides cash assistance to veterans and servicemen as they purchase new or used cars. Eligible applicants are those individuals who loss of limbs (one or both feet and hands) and eye impairment, which they acquire during their services. The financial assistance that a recipient can receive is up to $11,000 in which the money will be automatically used for buying the car. The VA also provides grants for the adaptive equipment for the qualified servicemen and veterans who are diagnosed with the disease called ankylosis, which they acquire during their service. Interested applicants must fill up the VA Form 21 – 450 or the “Application for Automobile or Other Conveyance and Adaptive Equipment” and the fully filled up form is to be submitted in the local or regional VA office. The VA Form 21 – 4502 states the grants for adaptive equipments. These forms are also available in the regional and local offices; these are also downloadable online at

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