Grants for Cycling

Cycling or bicycling is a sport that combines strength with cardiovascular fitness as well as mental sharpness. There are so many events in which cyclists can participate and compete. These are short-track racing events, cross-country racing in which they have to pass through rocky and forested hills, long-distance races, multi – day race events like the famous Tour de France. Cycling is not about the competition, it is also about fostering the innovative and fun activities that are related to the recreational or even the competitive cycling. There are organizations and institutions that provide support through grants for cycling that can be used for the benefit of cycling activities.

New England Bicycle Racing Association

The NEBRA or the New England Bicycle Racing Association has a goal of preserving and improving the competitive part of the cycling in the county of New England. The association is offering grants that can be used for grassroots events and activities. These events include training clinics, development programs, seminars about strategies, series of race series and many more. Organizations that are eligible to apply are clubs based in New England, cyclists as well as promoters; however, they must be members of the association. Applicants must submit grant proposal and it must be submitted to NEBRA board member. Contact Diane Fortini about the program through phone at (781) 293 – 2383. She is the administrator of NEBRA. Visit for more details.

New England Bicycle Racing Association
91 Hillcrest Road
Hanson, MA 02341

Washington State Bicycling Association

Cycling teams can apply to the grant offered by the Washington State Bicycling Association. The applicants must have good standing with several governing bodies and association such as the USA Cycling, and the cycling organizations in the State of Washington. Cycling teams can request assistance and support from the Washington State Bicycling Association provided that what they seek will be used to any discipline in cycling. Application form can be downloaded online the application. Applicants are encouraged to apply in advance, at least 90 days of the proposed date in which you will need the support. Visit to get more details about the association and the programs they have.

Washington State Bicycling Association
13438 NE 111th Court
Redmond, WA 98052

USA Cycling Trail Improvement Grant

The USA Cycling Trail Improvement offers $2,000 cash grant to one mountain bicycle group that will pursue trail improvement project. In addition to cash, recipients will also get technical assistant that is hands-on coming from the Trail Care Crew of the International Mountain Bicycling Association or the IMBA. Eligible applicants are those members of IMBA and the USA Cycling member clubs. For further details, call the USA Cycling at (719) 434 – 4200 or visit

USA Cycling
210 USA Cycling Point, Suite 100
Colorado Springs, CO 80919-2215

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