Grants for Baseball Field

Team sports are good ways to promote camaraderie among individuals aside from giving fun to everyone. Engaging in team sports is very fulfilling – you can meet new friends and it is also good for your health. For the less privileged, especially the youth in marginalized communities, sports is one way to enhance their well being and keep them away from danger. Many organizations realize the importance of sports on community building and are offering support. For example, many professional athletes in ball games such as baseball are giving assistance to the less privileged communities. There are grants for baseball field as well as equipments that are given yearly by professional teams in baseball.

Portland Community Fund

The minor league team in baseball called Portland Beavers, in cooperation with the Portland Timbers (minor football team) are teaming up to support the development of sports in Portland. Their program is called the Portland Community Fund in which they award up to $10,000 cash grants to deserving and less serviced communities in terms of sports. The Beavers, the baseball team, are supporting the baseball enhancement to the community by allotting funds for baseball field repairs and renovations. You can visit to know more about the team or call them at 503-553-5400.

PGE Park, 1844 SW Morrison,
Portland, OR 97205

Detroit Tigers Foundation

The charitable foundation of the Detroit Tigers, called the Detroit Tigers Foundation, together with its players is supporting the cause of the youth and less privileged communities in the Detroit and all over Michigan area by offering grants for baseball field and other equipments. The cash assistance of the foundation varies and may be up to $10,000. Most of the time, this money is used for the baseball field, facility and all necessary enhancement for it. The deadline for application differs each year. Check out for details on the application process or give them a call at 313-962-4000.

2100 Woodward Avenue,
Detroit, MI 48201

The Baseball Tomorrow Fund

The Major League Baseball or the MLB, with the cooperation from MLB Players Association is supporting the empowerment of the youth through their Baseball Tomorrow Fund. The BTF project is aimed to give assistance to less privileged communities by baseball. The grants are given quarterly. The cash grants awarded are mostly used for upgrading, renovating and buying of the necessary equipments for baseball and field. BTF application is available at

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