Grants for Athletics

Sports grants are very important for lots of sports enthusiasts and athletes in order to success in their mission. Grants are given to individuals or organizations who exemplify works that benefits the youth as well as the community they belong. Most sports are focused for the empowerment and support for the youth so that they stay on track in the right path. Also, they want to introduce sports as one way to become healthy, to perform proper camaraderie and help the community.

Charlotte Martin Foundation Grants

One example of a foundation that awards grants for athletics is the Charlotte Martin Foundation. The foundation aims to help the youth and the enrichment of their lives in terms of education, culture and athletics. Last 2010, the foundation has awarded cash grants of $100,000 to deserving individuals and organizations. For the year 2011, they are currently revising the guidelines for the grants that they will award. The targeted date for the release of their new guidelines for the grants this year is on the first day of April, 2011 and after that, they will accept applicants. For more details about their programs and to the foundation as well, visit their website at

The Olympic Club Foundation Grants

The Olympic Club Foundation aims to give to their communities service through athletics and sports for the youth. For them, sports are one way to enrich youth and develop community leaders of the future. As of now, the OCF has awarded more than $3 million grants for athletics to 65,000 young athletes in the Greater Bay area. The OCF is offering several programs in which interested applicants can apply for their specific needs. The following are the programs by the OCF:

  • City Fields this program is focusing on the problem of playfield shortage.
  • Good Tidings Foundation aims for the renovation of baseball and athletic fields.
  • Mills College Community Tennis Program teaching tennis to 100 students from 3rd to 5th grades.
  • Salesian Boys and Girls Club awarding cash grants to 35 to 50 teams playing for sports.
  • Every Child Can Learn Foundation renovation of the softball field.

For more details about OCF and their grants, call them at 415-345-5230.

USA Track and Field Foundation Grants

Graduating college athletes who have joined the competition of the elite level in the last two years can apply for assistance from the USA Track and Field Foundation. The cash grant is $5,000. This financial assistance can be utilized for the expenses of training and coaching as well as other expenses such as traveling with relation to competitions, health insurance and even housing.

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