Grants for Athletic Fields

The Youth are very important citizens in the society; they are the future of the community as well. The government realizes this importance as well as other private entities. In order to keep the youth out of danger, the government in cooperation with the private organization, foundation and institutions are creating programs that will keep them busy in sports and away from bad influence. Sports are one of the many projects in which almost every youth participates. Aside from that, sports are good for the health for the youth as well as building camaraderie among them.

There are lots of program by the federal and state government. Sports are always in their projects even in the community level. Look for the available grants for athletic fields by your government. Aside from that, you can also seek assistance from sports foundation. There are several foundations that are awarding monetary assistance for the renovation, construction and providing of athletic fields as well as equipments especially in the less fortunate communities. These foundations are mostly specific, meaning they assist communities in a particular field of sport.

Baseball Tomorrow Fund Grants

The Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association has the project called Baseball Tomorrow Fund. With the monetary grants that will be awarded, deserving communities can use the funds to purchase equipments for baseball, renovate field and make upgrades. The BTF has the goal to promote baseball and softball to the youth. Interested applicants can go online and download the application forms in the official website of MLB under the BTF.

U.S. Soccer Foundation Grants

Aside from baseball, there are other sports like soccer. Grants for athletics fields in soccer are offered by the U.S. Soccer Foundation. The foundation is offering four programs that they will grant and these are: the Footprint Field Building Grants, the Field grants, the Planning grant and the Lighting Finance Initiative. The foundation aims to promote soccer as one sports activity that they can do in order to stay healthy and promote good well being. For more details about the programs and the application process, you can log on to

Tony Hawk Foundation Grants

The Tony Hawk Foundation is offering grants for athletic fields for skateboarding. The foundation? main goals are to empower and support the youth using sports like skateboarding. The foundation is awarding monetary assistance ranging from $1,000 to $25,000 in which recipients can use the money for the improvement of recreational activities for skateboarding. You can apply online in the and the deadline for application is on the 1st of March 2011.

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