Grants for Athletic Facilities

Athletics and sports are some of the recreational activities in which lots of people can engage in. Because of them, the youth and the community can prevent negative issues within the society. Sports play a major role in shaping up the community. However, if the sports and athletic facilities deteriorate, or are not present, the community can still create or renovate it because there are grants for athletic facilities offered by several private foundation and organizations. Most of the providers or grantors are also those who hail from the athletic and sports world.

U.S. Soccer Foundation Grants

One of the foundations that offer support for the athletic facilities is the U.S. Soccer Foundation. As of now, the foundation has four programs: the Footprint Field Building Grants that awards monetary grant of up to $200,000 that will be use for the expenses of building turf soccer field that is artificial; the Field grants are awarded to communities for the improvement and renovation of soccer field; the Planning grant in which the foundation will award $8,000 to the recipient in terms of credit to the CHA Sports in order to come up with a concrete plan for the field; lastly, the Lighting Finance Initiative in which (with the cooperation of Musco Sports Lighting) they will award grants for the quick installation of the lighting system. For more details, visit the website of the foundation at

Tony Hawk Foundation Grants

If your community likes to do skateboarding, then you can apply for a grant with Tony Hawk Foundation. This foundation aims to support and empower the youth through sports and skateboarding is one of them. The grants for athletic facilities awarded by the foundation are to improve the recreational activities in that community such as construction of skateboard parks particularly in less fortunate areas. The amount of cash grant is from $1,000 to $25,000. Interested organizations and communities can apply online in wherein the application deadline is on the 1st of March 2011.

Baseball Tomorrow Fund Grants

For communities who like playing baseball, they can apply to the Baseball Tomorrow Fund. This program is sponsored by the MLB or Major League Baseball and its MLB Players Association. This program awards grants on a quarterly basis. The recipients will receive upgrade and buying of the needed equipments and the field as well. The program aims to promote baseball as well as softball to the youth. Application can be done online at the MLB official website (or go directly to this website:

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