Grants for Athletes

These are some grants for athletes which are available. These grants are open to professional athletes, disabled athletes and even the amateur athletes. The government, organizations, foundations and even private individuals are supporting the cause of athletes to further sharpen their skills, help fellow athletes in terms of monetary assistance and even equipment. In addition to that, they also promote sports in order have a healthy lifestyle.

High Performance Athlete Grant

The High Performance Athlete Grant is a program dedicated to assist qualified and deserving athletes that perform excellently. The Sport North Federation, in cooperation with the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs are awarding monetary grants of $5,000 to $15,000 in which the recipient can use for the expenses in his/her training and/or equipments. Interested individuals can call 867 669 8336 to get more details about the application and the program or pay a visit to their website at

Challenged Athletes Foundation Grant

The CAF or Challenged Athletes Foundation is an organization that gives support and opportunities to athletes with disabilities, even to individuals with disabilities who wish to do athletics and physical fitness to his/her lifestyle. The CAF awards grants for athletes in terms of equipment, adaptive devices, confidence booster clinics as well as coaching/mentoring to assist recipients.

Athletes for Hope Grants

The non-profit organization called Athletes for Hope, together with the Kellogg Foundation, provides support to athletes in terms of being philanthropist as they connect to charitable institutions. Their programs are made to make athletes be involved with its community by allotting their time, not money. With $2 million in grant, AFH come up with two programs called the Causeway and Good Game. The Causeway program is about teaching all athletes about the philanthropic practices, while the Good Game is all about making a great and positive impact to the www.athletescommunity.

Balance Bar Grant

Another program, that aims to support amateur and non-professional athletes in reaching their goals as an individual or as a team. This is the Balance Bar Grant program in which the organization is warding monetary cash grants summing up to $500 to $10,000. Eligible applicants can apply online at for more details. The grant program is open to athletes with particular and extraordinary goal in his/her sport of choice or a team with an outstanding objective to reach. They have to use the cash grants in order to reach their extraordinary dreams that must be related to their chosen sports.

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