Basic Scientific Research Grant

Aim of the Basic Scientific Research Grant:

The Basic Scientific Research Grant aims to support basic research that is related to or has potential for leading to the improvement of Army programs or operations.

It funds basic Research in the mathematical, physical, engineering, biological and geoscience fields which provide knowledge necessary for the Army to make informed decisions about further exploratory development to provide the technology base from which Army capabilities are drawn.

The grant also gives out partial support of symposia in the listed disciplines. Programs to encourage careers in science and engineering by support to outstanding graduate, undergraduate and high school students pursuing studies in areas of Army concern. It supports programs to increase science and engineering graduates from under-represented minority groups as well as programs providing means for universities to buy major, high-cost research equipment.

Who are Eligible to Apply for the Basic Scientific Research Grants?

Private/public educational institutions; other private/public nonprofit organizations which are operated primarily for scientific and educational purposes may apply for the Basic Scientific Research Grants. Grants cannot be awarded to individuals.

How to Apply for the Basic Scientific Research Grants?

  • The following documentation is required to be submitted
  • Cover page and information requested thereon (ARO Form 51)
  • Statement of Disclosure Preference (AR Form 52 or 52A)
  • Abstract
  • Technical Proposal; and
  • Cost Proposal including SF 1411

The technical portion of the proposal should contain the following:

A complete discussion stating the background and objectives of the proposed work; information that will identify the magnitude of the research program currently underway by the proposed principal investigator(s) such as:

  1. description of the work,
  2. the annual dollar volume of the effort,
  3. the names Federal, State, local agencies or other parties presently funding the work or requested to fund such work, and
  4. (iv) a complete breakdown of the time of the principal investigator and/or co-principal investigator; brief biographical information and list of recent publications of the offeror’s key personnel who will be involved in the research; type of support requested, for example, facilities, equipment, materials; names of other Federal, State, local agencies or other parties receiving the proposal and/or funding the proposed effort; statement regarding possible impact if any of the proposed effort on the environment; brief description of organization; and identity of facilities to be used for the work if appropriate for an understanding of the proposal.

The cost proposal must be a complete and thoroughly documented estimate of the proposed costs of the research project. This program is excluded from coverage under OMB Circular No. A-87.

Where to send applications for Basic Scientific Research Grants?

Ernest Dixon,
Army Research Office, 4300 South Miami Blvd. , Durham, North Carolina 27703
Phone: (919) 549-4270 Fax: (919) 549-4388.
Web Site Address:

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