Grants for Assisted Technology

All people must be treated equally, even individuals with disabilities. The government recognizes this and they recognize this. In support for individuals with disabilities in which they can keep up with quality education through technological advancement, the federal government in cooperation with its states are offering grants for assistive technology that may come in monetary or equipment forms. In addition to that, there are also private institutions, organization, foundations and individual that is helping in this cause.

The U.S. Department of Education are offering programs for disabled people. One of them is the State Grant for Assistive Technology Program in which the government will help in the improvement in terms of assistive technologies that can be used for the disabled people through programs that are responsive for consumers. This program grants assistive technology equipments, devices as well as services and this will make them more accessible for the people with disability.

Another program, called the Alternative Financing Program gives grants to the establishment as well as maintenance of the programs that will enable disabled individuals to buy services and devices for assistive technology via affordable financial loans. You can know more about these programs by visiting their website:

There are also private foundations in which they helping disabled individuals in their assistive technology. The is an example in which they provide grants for assistive technology. The organization awards grants to financially unstable individuals with disabilities. They provide necessary technology in the form of purchasing it or donation that they will give to the recipient. For more details, contact them at 415.750.2570 and you can visit their website at You can apply online for this program.

Another organization is the Association of Blind Citizens that put up the Technology Fund. This program is made to provide for 50% discount to the retail prices of the adaptive equipment, devices and even the software. The board of directors of the ABC have the main objective that the blind and visually damaged people to have an access to technological things, which will have a major impact on the improvement of their employment opportunities. This can also improve their independency and in the enhancement of the recipients’ life. To be eligible in this grant, applicants must be blind legally and residing in the U.S. The dates of deadline are the 30th of June, 30th of September, 31st of December every year. The application can be done online at

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