Grants for Apple Computers – Apple Computers Inc.

Big companies such as Apple Computer Inc. are making efforts to help the community in order to become the best they could possibly be. For Apple Computers Inc., this is a commitment that they should do in order to promote harmony with its communities.

Apple Computers Inc. is offering grants for their Apple computers to those eligible for it, especially the non-profit groups and sectors. They are offering non-monetary aids in the form of their computers systems. For them, computers are what bridges the gap in education; are the means to promote community-driven programs and projects, in order to share resources and information for groups sharing the same commitments and so on.

As stated earlier, the grants for Apple Computers are only for groups that are non-profit and are working for the benefits of the community in terms of arts, education and community building. The program is offered to those groups or people that are licensed and known to be non-profit. The groups must be working for the arts, for research and development, for the disabled, for the action of the citizens and for the people to use their innovative minds while using the computer systems. The Community Affairs program of the company is the one giving grants to deserving groups of people. For more details, you can visit the office of the Community Affairs at Apple Corporate Grants, 20525 Mariani Avenue M/S 5-B, Cupertino, California 95014.

Aside from the main manufacturer of the Apple Computers, there are also other grantors whom you can turn to and apply. Some are exclusively granting non-monetary aids such as computer systems to most public schools; however, the beneficiaries must be certified and licensed education provider and follow the guidelines set by the grantors. AT&T as well as Verizon are some of the big companies that have programs and projects that support education among others. There is also a program called ARTS or the Apple Research and Technology program. This one provides help to the field of science and its contribution to the society. Hundreds of millions of dollars are granted every year by the Apple Computers Inc. alone.

Interested parties should get in touch with their grant coordinator. Most of the time, non-profit institution as well as schools have this person. You can also visit the website of the said companies. Companies have programs that support the growth of communities in terms of education, the citizens and so on.

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