Grants for Anthropology

When talking about anthropology, you are studying and dealing with humanities. Many individuals are devoting their life studying anthropology and carrying out anthropological researches throughout the world. This is one of the interesting fields of natural science. There are many people who want to take anthropology in their college, but they lack the means to go to universities. On the other hand, anthropologists are also seeking funding in order to conduct researches on the field of anthropology they specialize with. This is where scholarships and grants for anthropology step in.

Fortunately, finding grants to support your schooling is easy. You can simply visit the college or university that you want, go to the department or institute or anthropology, check out if there are available grants and scholarships intended only for anthropology majors. There are also more general scholarships and grants for students. But it is less competition with grants for anthropology for undergraduate studies. The state and federal government are also offering grants and financial aids to less privilege students who have the brains and skill to become successful in his/her chosen field.

If you are a newly graduate anthropologist or even a person in that field seeking grants for extensive research about anthropology, you can ask grants to several foundations. Actually, there are several foundations that have tie ups with the universities and colleges that encourage anthropological research all over the world. The grants for anthropology researches typically last for years and the financial aid varies depending on the research you will take. The following are some examples wherein you can apply for grants:

  • The Wenner-Gren Foundation – supports research all over the world with regards to all branches of anthropology (
  • American Anthropological Association – supports both national and international grants and fellowships (
  • Center for Advanced Study in the Behavior Science – Residential Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • Cultural Anthropology Scholars Award sponsored by National Science Foundation (NSF), Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Science
  • National Geographic Society’s Grants for Research and Exploration

The above are some example, there are still more grants, scholarships and fellowships available worldwide and most of them are hosted in the university you will work with. From doctoral students, post PhD studies, non-US works and even workshops and conferences, you will find grants for anthropology all over the world. Make sure that you read the bulletin boards or ask your Director of Anthropological Studies about it. You can still visit the website of the Anthropology department of the university because they always post there the available grants, the requirements and deadlines.

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