Biological Sciences Grants

What is the aim of the Biological Sciences Grants?

The Biological Sciences Grants aim to promote the progress of the biological sciences and increase scientific knowledge and enhance understanding of major problems confronting the Nation.

The program includes support of research project grants in the following disciplines: molecular and cellular biosciences, integrative organismal biology; environmental biology; biological infrastructure; and plant genome research.

Support is also provided by the Biological Sciences Grants for the purchase of multi-user scientific equipment and instrument development, and for research workshops, symposia, and conferences. In addition, awards are made to improve the quality of doctoral dissertations in environmental biology and integrative organismal biology; for postdoctoral fellowships in biological informatics and postdoctoral fellowships to minority scientists in all areas of research supported by the biological sciences.

Who are Eligible for the Biological Sciences Grants?

Public and private colleges and universities; Non-profit, non-academic organizations; For-profit organizations; State and Local Governments; and unaffiliated scientists under special circumstances. See the Biological Sciences Grant Proposal Guide for a full description of eligibility requirements.

How to Apply for the Biological Sciences Grants?

All applications and proposals to the Biological Sciences Grants must be signed electronically by an official authorized to commit the institution or organization in business and financial affairs . He must also be able to commit the organization to certain proposal certifications. Costs will be determined in accordance with OMB Circular Nos. A-21 for colleges and universities and A-122 for nonprofit organizations.

Where to send applications for the Biological Sciences Grants?

By electronic submission via FastLane of a formal proposal describing the research or study to be undertaken. Guidelines are contained in publications, “Grant Proposal Guide.”

For more information on the Biological Sciences Grants, contact:

Assistant Director, Biological Sciences, National Science Foundation, 4201 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA 22230.
Telephone: (703)292-8400.
NSF World Wide Web site URL:
Web Site Address

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