Albert I. Pierce Foundation

What is Albert I. Pierce Foundation grant?

The Albert I. Pierce Foundation mission is to immortalize its benefactor by using grants which will enrich the education, cultural life and environment primarily of New Mexico citizens.

AIP, a charitable private foundation, supports the arts and environment by offering opportunities for communication, professional development and partnership.

Their goal is to nurture and encourage talents, skills and services that are necessary to ensure that the communities will continue to be places desirable to live and work at. They recognize increasing educational levels within a community could reduce its social problems and its related costs.

Who are eligible for Albert I. Pierce Foundation grant?

The Foundation is in search of initiatives the will perform the following: expand the awareness and involvement in the programs related to arts, education and environment; encourage participation of the public in environmental, education and art project; to conserve or develop valuable cultural and environmental resources for public posterity and use. The Foundation will support community initiatives that will address critical and major heritage and cultural enrichment programs.

The Foundation accepts applications for projects that are community-based primarily in New Mexico that are in the areas of education, arts, environment or the combination of these 3 focus areas. Other areas in the United States will also be considered for grants with the discretion of the board.

Grants will not given for or to:

  • religious or sectarian organizations
  • fund-raising events, advertising or testimonial dinners
  • Payments of interest, taxes, loans or debt retirement
  • Capital campaigns or endowments
  • Grant making institutions
  • Programs or project that duplicate existing services and/or programs
  • Lobbying or political activity
  • Construction or acquisition of real property
  • Organizations located outside of the United States
  • Emergency funding

How much is the average grants awarded by Albert I. Pierce Foundation?

The Foundation awards two grants by board invitation only for $20,000 and four grants for $10,000 with applications due on November 15th.

How to apply for Albert I. Pierce Foundation Grant?

Applicants should send their proposal to the address indicated below.

Where to send applications for Albert I. Pierce Foundation grant?

2727 San Pedro NE
Suite 112
Albuquerque, NM 87110

For more information on Albert I. Pierce Foundation, contact:

Phone: 505.883.3114
Fax: 505.881.0645

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