Campbell Soup Foundation

What is Campbell Soup Foundation grant?

The foundation provides financial support to the local champions that serve as inspiration for positive change in the communities all over the US where the employees of Campbell Soup Company live and work.

The foundations emphasizes Camden, N.J. where Cambell’s soup business and world headquarters is born and stationed. Every year, the Foundation gives donations worth over $1 million to various organizations that expand the cultural, educational, employment, residential and other opportunities for residents of Camden. Among the top priorities of the foundation is to nourish the lives of Camden residents particularly their children.

Included among the community partners are:

  • The St. Joseph’s Carpenter Society, which works in moving families of Camden from renters to homeowners;
  • The South Jersey Eye Center, which provides free eye treatment and exams to thousands of adults and children;
  • Urban Promise, which gives city teens and children a safe place to grow and learn;
  • St. Luke’s Clinic, which makes education in diabetes management available to residents of Camden afflicted with the illness;
  • The Cathedral Kitchen, which provides culinary training and meals to impoverished Camden families
  • More regional and local organizations that are striving to make a difference in the hometown.

The Foundation also supports charitable efforts outside of Camden, in more than 20 communities where it operates.

The partners include:

  • The Lancaster Partnership, which provides the financial assistance, counseling and mentoring on and summer employment and college selection for the minority youth located in Denver, Pa. and surrounding communities;
  • The Scotland County Literacy Council, which provides job-readiness training and literacy for the unemployed people of Maxton, N.C. and its surrounding communities;
  • The Lamar County Chapter of the American Red Cross which provides for the economically disadvantaged youth with the training in basic first aid, hygiene, fire safety, disaster and safety in Paris, Texas
  • several others.

Who are eligible for Campbell Soup Foundation grant?

The Foundation limits their grants to nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations which a under IRC Section 501(c)(3). Grants are given to institutions serving Camden, N.J., and plant facilities located in the U.S.:

  • Davis, CA
  • Dixon, CA
  • Sacramento, CA
  • Stockton, CA
  • Bloomfield, CT
  • Norwalk, CT
  • Lakeland, FL
  • Downers Grove, IL
  • Marshall, MI
  • Maxton, NC
  • Camden, NJ
  • South Plainfield, NJ
  • Wauseon, OH
  • Willard, OH
  • Napoleon, OH
  • Denver, PA
  • Downingtown, PA
  • Paris, TX
  • Aiken, SC
  • Richmond, UT
  • Everett, WA
  • Milwaukee, WI

Organizations need not be located within these communities to be eligible for funding. However, the programs for funding must be serving these communities.

The Foundation considers applications that will meet these criteria:

  • The proposal must fit one of the key focus areas outlined below.
  • The organization must display strong and effective leadership.
  • The proposed plan must be compelling and clear, with sustainable and measurable commitments expressed in real results.
  • The proposed activity should be sufficiently visible in order to leverage additional support from other sources of funds.

Ineligible Entities

Grants are not given or made for the following:

  • Organizations based outside the US and its territories
  • Individuals
  • Organizations with limited services to members of a religious group or whose services propagate religious creed or faith
  • Political organizations and those with a primary purpose of promoting a particular ideological point of view or/of influencing legislation
  • Units of government
  • Capacity-building grants
  • Events and sponsorships
  • Sports related events, sponsorships and activities

Applicants who seek programming funds in an area outside of Camden, NJ, must contact the local Pepperidge Farm or Campbell facility before the submittion of a Letter of Intent to the Foundation.

Geographic focus includes:

  1. Camden, New Jersey – The Foundation invests in Camden initiatives that not only bring positive change to the people they serve, but also improves the quality of life for the entire Camden, New Jersey, community.
  2. U.S. Plant Communities– The Foundation supports the communities where Campbell Soup Company has facilities by funding programs that provide tangible results for local residents.

The Campbell Soup Foundation focus their giving on hunger relief and childhood obesity programming in support of Campbell’s corporate social responsibility goal. It also gives support to organizations that create a positive impact on the lives of the youth that livie in Campbell communities.

How to apply for Campbell Soup Foundation grant?

Proposals must be submitted via email to:

Proposals submitted via regular mail shall not be reviewed.


Proposals must be prepared in a concise and narrative form without excessive documentation.


All institutions requesting funds must initially take the Eligibility Survey to be able to determine if they are eligible for funding through the Campbell Soup Foundation.

Once the institution is eligible to apply, Request for Proposal (RFP) and Letter of Intent (LOI) process begins:

  • Eligible institutions seeking funds should initially submit an LOI stating the overall idea of project/program to be funded.
  • After the LOIs have been reviewed, the applicant will be notified of the next stage of the application process and asked to respond to a RFP.
  • Upon the submission deadline, Campbell Soup Foundation trustees and staff will review proposals to determine which applicants will be funded.
  • Applicants shall be notified of the decision.

Applicants seeking funds for programming in areas outside of Camden, NJ, must submit their LOI to the local Pepperidge Farm or Campbell facility for its initial review. To view the list of Campbell locations, go to the website.

Additional Documentation

Each request for the grant must be submitted with current documentation verifying the eligibility of the organization under the IRCS 501(c)(3). The proposals from these organizations with a pending status won’t be reviewed.

Organizations must not submit proposals which are similar or the same more than once in a Foundation fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).

Where to send applications for Campbell Soup Foundation grant?

Applications must be sent to this address:

Campbell Soup Company
1 Campbell Place Camden
NJ 08103-1701

For more information on Campbell Soup Foundation, contact:

Toll free at 1-800-257-8443, Monday – Friday 9AM to 7PM EST

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