Bunbury Company Foundation

What is Bunbury Company Foundation grant?

The Bunbury Company, Inc. is a private grant making foundation with the general purpose of supporting charitable organization with a primary location in central New Jersey. It was created by a Princeton resident in 1952 together with a notable businessman named Dean Mathey. Mathey is a former partner in the Dillon, Read and company investment firm, Chairman of the Board of the Empire Trust Company, an Honorary Chairman of the Board of Bank of New York and a Princeton University long-standing trustee. He too is the benefactor of several charitable and educational institutions in Vermont and New Jersey. He died in 1972 and in honor of his resolute but quite commitment to philanthropy, the Foundation honors his memory by continuing his advocacy in areas of education and in the disadvantaged youth.

Who are eligible for Bunbury Company Foundation grant?

Eligibility Criteria:

An applicant must be tax-exempt under IRSC Section 501 (c) 3 and should be a publicly supported charity under Section 509. Nonprofit organizations must be registered as a charity with the State of New Jersey unless these are schools with curricula filed with the Department of Education and are exempted from the provisions of the New Jersey Charitable Registration and Investigation Act.

Funding Priorities and Types of Support:

Bunbury seeks to give assistance to organizations primarily located in Mercer County, but also in Hunterdon, Camden, Middlesex, and Somerset, which have programs in these areas:

  • Educational programs providing opportunities for societal, intellectual or cultural growth to families and the youth
  • Environmental programs helping to conserve threatened habitat,farmland or waterways and regional planning efforts that are helping to advance these goals
  • social service and community building programs that empower the underserved
  • Cultural programs promoting local artistic initiatives

The Foundation is in particular interested in local programs that have a positive impact on the quality of life within their community. Of the 46 organizations Bunbury provided support to in year 2008 it shows that new grantees comprised 1%and organizations or programs located in Mercer County comprised 81%. Approximately 54% of the allocated funds were received by the underserved families and youth of which 30% went to education, 6% for the arts and 10% to environmental programs.

The Foundation provides support for the basic needs in the following areas:

  1. General operating support
  2. Building Funds
  3. matching funds or challenge grants
  4. special programs funds

The Foundation does not support the following:

  1. Endowment campaigns
  2. Sporting activities, events or outings
  3. Religious or fraternal organizations, which include schools with a religious affiliation
  4. Scholarships or individual fellowships
  5. Day care facilities or summer camps, unless these are part of the comprehensive after care program
  6. Organizations with several chapters if outside the Mercer County
  7. Specific cultural performances
  8. Publications or surveys

How to apply for Bunbury Company Foundation grant?

An organization should submit the proposal on or before the following deadlines. Phone calls prior to their submission are welcome. The outlined proposal process is more than adequate in informing the applicant of the Foundation’s expectations. Site visits or interviews may be requested by the Foundation after receiving the application. The deadlines for year 2010/2011 are:

1st Quarter: 11/4/2010
2nd Quarter: 3/8/2011
3rd Quarter: 5/5/2011
4th Quarter: 8/16/2011

5 copies of the final application must be received by Bunbury around 4:00 p.m. on the deadline date without any exception. Faxed or e-mailed applications are not accepted.

Where to send applications for Bunbury Company Foundation grant?

The Bunbury offices are located at:

2 Railroad Place
Hopewell, N.J. 08525

For more information on Bunbury Company Foundation, contact:

Phone number : (609) 333-8800
Fax number : (609) 333-8900

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