Bread and Roses Fund

What is Bread & Roses Fund grant?

Bread & Roses Community Fund, founded in 1977, is a one of a kind partnership of activists and donors who share visions of a society that is just, one wherein resources and power are equitably distributed.

The foundation raises money coming from individuals in order to provide grants, leadership development and technical assistance in order to support organizations that are community-based in the Delaware Valley which take a collective action in bringing about social change. Thru membership in their Funding Exchange, the foundation is part of the national funding movement that supports social change philanthropy.

As a public foundation, Bread & Roses has disseminated over $9 million to the groups that are working for access to health care; a clea and safe environment; economic justice; peace; civil and human rights; and other social justice issues. Bread & Roses also provide services such as leadership development and technical assistance to its grantees and donors.

In 30 years that they have supported change not charity, the foundation stays committed to providing financial and technical resources to the advocacy of progressive activism.

The foundation is part of a bigger movement of national and local organizations, think tanks, technical assistance providers, socially responsible business persons and foundations that are working for social change.

Facts about our name: In Lowell, Massachusetts, striking textile workers who won better working conditions and overtime pay and better working conditions, Bread and Roses was their rallying cry. It is now called the Bread and Roses strike, but the phrase itself came from a poem written by James Oppenheim which was published in 1911.

Who are eligible for Bread & Roses Fund grant?

In order to be eligible organizations must meet all these criteria:

  • Must be located in Bucks, Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware, Camden or Montgomery counties.
  • Must have a distinct and/or organizational project budget less than $150,000.
  • Must be tax-exempt, or have a tax-exempt fiscal sponsor, or have a 501(c)(3) application pending
  • Must complete all progress reports from their previous Bread & Roses grants. Failure to submit the progress reports will disqualify the organizations from future funding.
  • Must submit a complete application. No exceptions.

Funding criteria:

Bread & Roses makes grants to groups that have engage strategies and a long-term vision that promote social justice that includes:

  • A focus on activism and organizing (not social service work)
  • A clear understanding of main causes of the problem they are working on to resolve
  • A strategy that will include the collective action of the community and will result in concrete outcomes
  • A vision that emphasizes on the changing the systems that perpetuate or create the problem being addressed
  • Leadership primarily composed of people who are affected by the problem being addressed
  • A priority for developing their leadership from within the affected community

Additional funding criteria are listed within each fund category.

Bread & Roses grants program will not fund for:

  • Social services/direct service work
  • Research
  • Educational programs
  • Building projects or capital campaigns
  • Scholarships, grants, or fellowships to individuals (except through the Lax Scholarship Fund)

How much is the average grants awarded by Bread & Roses Fund?

Bread & Roses awards yearly grants which range from $2,000 – $10,000 through the following fund categories:

How to apply for Bread & Roses Fund grant?

Proposals must be sent to the address indicated below.

Where to send applications for Bread & Roses Fund grant?

Applications must be sent to the address indicated below:

Bread & Roses Community Fund
1500 Walnut Street
Suite 1305
Philadelphia, PA 19102

For more information on Bread & Roses Fund, contact:

(215)731-1107 phone
(215)731-0453 fax

Casey Cook, ext. 203
executive director

Ray Murphy, ext. 206
director of communications & online strategy

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