The Alexander Eastman Foundation

What is the Alexander Eastman Foundation?

The Alexander Eastman Foundation is a grant making foundation handling the Derry area of New Hampshire, including the towns of Derry, Londonderry, Windham, Chester, Hampstead and Sandown.

Who are eligible for Alexander Eastman Foundation?

The Foundation helps activity which relieves the greater Derry area, the arena from which patients of the Alexander Eastman Hospital were conveyed. The area embodies primarily the towns of Derry, Londonderry, Windham, Chester, Hampstead and Sandown.

Nonprofit 501(c) 3 organizations with public charity standing and public agencies helping the greater Derry area are suitable to apply. Although renewable vows to important programs are made over several years, the Foundation does not accommodate ongoing general operating support or underwrite programs indistinctly. The Foundation will not replace public or other funding available to support basic services. Grants are made neither to individuals nor to acceptable organizations to support the cost of services to particular individuals, except through the Alexander Eastman Scholarship Program.

How to apply for Alexander Eastman Foundation?

Applicants may submit applications in one of two ways. In the interest of diluting the use of natural resources the Alexander Eastman Foundation fosters electronic submissions.

  1. Electronic Application: Download and complete the application from the web site. E-mail a polished application along with electronic attachments (scanned where necessary) to Or, mail electronic files on a CD or thumb drive to the mailing address (see Contact Us).
  2. Printed Application: Download, print and complete the application from the web site. Print the application and mail with paper copies of attachments to the address given.

Where to send applications for Alexander Eastman Foundation?

Kindly send applications to this address:

Alexander Eastman Foundation
26 South Main Street, PMB 250
Concord, NH 03301

To request an e-mailed or paper copy of the application for completion, please call Amy Lockwood at 1-888-228-1821 x80 (toll free), or e-mail

For more information on Alexander Eastman Foundation, please contact:

Amy Lockwood
888-228-1821 x80 (toll free)

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