Donald W. Reynolds Foundation

What is Donald W. Reynolds Foundation?

Founded in 1954, the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation greatly honors the memory of its benefactor, for whom it is named, by filling unmet needs and aiming to gain an immediate, transformational impact in four principal fields of interest:

Meeting the greatest needs of communities in Arkansas, Nevada and Oklahoma, primarily through elevated facilities for their outstanding local nonprofit organizations;

Accelerating the fight against atherosclerosis and atherosclerotic heart disease through cutting-edge, translational research;

Refining the quality of life of America’s growing elderly population through better training of physicians in geriatrics; and

Enhancing the quality and integrity of journalism, focusing particularly on better training of journalists who serve smaller communities and on business journalism.
In pursuing its goals, the Foundation is committed to the support of nonprofit organizations and institutions that demonstrate sound financial management, efficient operation, program integrity and an entrepreneurial spirit.

In accordance with its articles of incorporation, the Foundation is entitled to terminate rather than continue in perpetuity. The Board of Trustees has determined that the Foundation will cease to make grants on or before 2022.

How to apply for Donald W. Reynolds Foundation?

To apply for Donald W. Reynolds Foundation, you must send proposals to the address below.

Where to send applications for Donald W. Reynolds Foundation?

Kindly send the applications to this address:

Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
1701 Village Center Circle
Las Vegas, Nevada 89134

For more information on Donald W. Reynolds Foundation, please contact:

Phone: (702) 804-6000
Fax: (702) 804-6099

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