Del E. Webb Foundation

What is Del E. Webb Foundation?

The Del E. Webb Foundation provides continuous support to qualified organizations for qualified charitable reasons in the fields of medical services, research and education. Their goal is to provide the most long term benefit for most of the people through medicine and education.

Who are eligible for Del E. Webb Foundation?

First of all, they choose non-fund organizations that do not operate an office in Arizona, California or Nevada.

Second, they choose non-fund organizations that are classified as supporting organizations under Section 509(a)(3) of the IRS Code.

Lastly, they choose non-fund Governmental Agencies.

How much is the average grant awarded by Del E. Webb Foundation?

The average grant awarded by Del E. Webb Foundation ranges from $1,000 to $1,000,000 but that’s not strictly followed. Please round your amount up to the nearest $1,000.

How to apply for Del E. Webb Foundation?

I.  Qualifications:

  1. Your organization must be exempted from Federal taxes under Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  2. Your mission must fit theirs: mainly support formal medical services, research or education
  3. One year must have gone by since their last payment to you, or since your Letter of Intent or Application was declined.
  4. Your organization must have a working office in Arizona, California, or Nevada.

II.  Letter of Intent:

  1. Submit a CONCISE 1-page Letter of Intent expressing who you are, how much you need, and what you need it for.
  2. Attach a duplicate of your IRS Determination letter. To download a Sample IRS Letter in .pdf format
  3. Attach their Contact Information Form. To download the Contact Information Form in .pdf format

In one week’s time, you will get a written feedback stating either that they cannot transmit your request further consideration or they will insist you to submit a formal proposal which they must receive within 90 days from the day of invitation.

Mail your LOI, Contact Info, and IRS letter to their office:

Del E. Webb Foundation
P.O. Box 2427
Prescott, AZ 86302-2427

III.  Grant Application:

Include 2 imprints of each of the following entries:

  1. The Application Check List. To download the Application Check List in Word .doc format <– Application Check List
  2. An accomplished Application Form. To download the Application Form in .pdf format <– Application Form
  3. A report of your MISSION, history, and latest activities.
  4. An account of the NEED for your project.
  5. A record of all officers and directors/trustees.
  6. A statement from your CEO approving submission of this grant request.
  7. A definite description of the project:
    1. The total expenditure of the project
    2. Amount to be funded by this grant
    3. The sources and amounts of all other funds alloted to or requested for this project
    4. A time schedule for project finalization.
    5. If the grant is generally for equipment, an equipment tabulation including description, supplier, and cost
  8. The most currently completed audited financial statements, including a sealed copy of the Independent Auditor’s Report cover note showing the name and address of the company that completed the audit, together with all accompanying notes. Financial statements furnished by other than independent auditors must be signed by two officers. If you do not have audited statements, note that on the check list.
  9. Current internal (un-audited) financial statements containing either the past 12 months or the period from the end of the formal audit through the end of the recent month. The first page must be signed by two officers.
    Implicate the following:

    A Balance Sheet
    A Statement of Revenues & Expenses
    A Cash Flow Statement

  10. One copy of your latest 990 tax return rather emailed as a .pdf document to

Where to send applications for Del E. Webb Foundation?

Kindly send the applications to this address:

Post Office Box 2427
Prescott, Arizona 86302-2427
(928) 445-9699

For more information on Del E. Webb Foundation, please contact:

EIN: 86-6052737
Tax Returns: 2009_990-PF
Email: Webmaster @
Last Updated 2011-01-21

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