Fremont Area Community Foundation

What is Fremont Area Community Foundation?

The Fremont Area Community Foundation is happy to announce their new Facebook page and blog. The blogs serves to inform the public about the daily activities of the Fremont Area Community Foundation and the non-profit Fremont Community in NE. It also educates readers about collaborations, philanthropy and current trends in the non-profit world to inspire partners, donors, community member and people who care to make a positive difference each day. The foundation encourages friendships on Facebook to be able to receive constant updates on the Foundation’s activities.

Who are eligible for Fremont Area Community Foundation?

Requesting organizations must be tax-exempt, as defined by the IRS in Section 501(c) (3), or eligible to receive such a designation.

  1. The Foundation and Walker Fund do not make grants to individuals, except for college scholarships through component funds established for those purposes.
  2. The Foundation does not typically make grants for annual fund drives, deficit financing or ongoing operating expenses. The Walker Fund may make grants for operating expenses.
  3. The Foundation and Walker Fund will consider grants to publicly-supported institutions for start-up programs, when seed money is needed to generate other support for the activity, or when circumstances indicate that a grant will effectuate a program of particular importance.
  4. The Foundation and Walker Fund do not make grants to religious organizations for religious purposes.

How to apply for Fremont Area Community Foundation?

The Foundation’s purpose is to build philanthropy in the community by connecting the interest of donors with the needs of the community. The Foundation gives support to activities that provide services for civic, educational, health and human purposes and cultural benefits to the area of Fremont, Nebraska and its surroundings.

The Fremont Area Community Foundation makes its grants from the Unrestricted Endowment fund. These guidelines were designed to help the potential applicants in deciding if their organization is eligible for the grant.

The Foundation also makes their grants from the Lester A. Walker fund which is established by the will of the same person. Lester A. Walker is the Fremont Tribune publisher for several years. The fund is for the benefit of the service area of Tribune.

Grant applications that will be received shall get grants from both or one of these funds.

Where to send applications for Fremont Area Community Foundation?

Fremont Area Community Foundation, Inc.
605 N. Broad Street
P.O. Box 182
Fremont, NE 68025

For more information on Fremont Area Community Foundation, contact:

(402) 721-4252
Fax: (402) 721-9359

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