Armstrong McDonald Foundation – AZ, NE

What is Armstrong McDonald Foundation – AZ, NE grants?

The Armstrong McDonald Foundation’s advocacy is to maintain the philanthropic goals and ideals of James M. McDonald, Sr. By prudently reviewing and being impartial in qualifying the grant requests they receive yearly, the foundation is able to award grants to soundly conceived and operated non-profit organizations.

Who are eligible for Armstrong McDonald Foundation – AZ, NE grants?

Starting December 2008, the foundation will accept unsolicited grant requests only from IRS approved non-profits on the “Pre-approved for Grant Submission List”. The list can be perused on the foundation’s website. The list is updated every December of each year to show the additions and deletions.

All other non-profits approved by the IRS who want to submit a request for grants to the foundation must meet the following criteria with no exceptions:

  1. Be incorporated in either the State of Nebraska or Arizona.
  2. The physical office must be located in their state of incorporation.
  3. Spend any awarded grant funds within their state of incorporation.

If these qualifications are met, the non-profit with IRS approval that is not on the list of Pre-approved for Grant Submission must accomplish the “Request for Approval to Submit a Grant Request” electronic 1 page form. Click the link on the bottom of the website, complete the form in its alloted space and email that to the foundation. The trustees will review the grant request and will vote if the application will be approved as provided in the “Application Process” section indicated on the website. The date of the electronic request must not be later than August 1. Approvals or denials will be sent thru email to the non-profit not later than 1st of September. FYI: Approval of request form will not result to an automatic placement on the list of the pre-approved.

How to apply for Armstrong McDonald Foundation – AZ, NE grants?

A formal application will be provided by the foundation which must be completed by the applicants that were approved for the submission of a request for grants. The application requires 3 attachments which form part of a completed submission. If the applicant has already received a foundation grant within the previous 10 years, your Determination Letter from the IRS is on file and could be omitted from submission.

To be able to retrieve your application, click on the link in the website to download. You must accomplish the application without altering or modifying it in such a way like reducing the line spacing or increasing the allotted pages. Altered applications will be discarded. No other application shall be accepted. Do not include pictures, video tapes or any form of media. A 1 page cover letter will suffice.

Where to send applications for Armstrong McDonald Foundation – AZ, NE grants?

Applications must be sent to this address:

PO BOX 70110
TUCSON, AZ 85737-0110

For more information on Armstrong McDonald Foundation – AZ, NE, contact:

TELEPHONE: 520-878-9627
FAX 520-797-3866

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