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What is The Avista Foundation Grant?

The Avista Foundation is an Avista Utilities program for community investment. It provides funds to non-profit organizations that address the needs of citizens and communities that are served by the Avista Utilities in Northern Idaho, Eastern Washington, parts of Southern Oregon and Sanders County, Montana.

The Avista Foundation includes a matching gifts program for Avista Utilities employees.

Who are eligible for The Avista Foundation Grant?

The Avista Foundation awards grants with a focus on strengthening communities and enhancing the quality of living of people being served by Avista Utilities. The foundation puts emphasis on areas such as:

  • education – support of K-12 education especially in fields of math, science, technology; and higher education with the inclusion of scholarships
    • provide college scholarships for IS, engineering, and the crafts to address the utility’s future workforce gap
    • increase the pipeline of kids who are seeking technical and engineering careers by increasing their interest in science, math and technology
    • to provide opportunities for underserved kids (limited income and minority) who are seeking a college education
    • seed long-term energy conservation behaviors in children that complement educational goals in reading, science and math
  • limited income and vulnerable populations – to provide assistance to those on limited incomes and to support initiatives in reducing poverty
    • ease the burden of energy prices to needy customers
    • to provide an enhanced level of support to more vulnerable and senior customers
    • to provide energy conservation education to vulnerable, senior and limited income customers
    • support community-wide safety net services for cost of basic needs
  • cultural and economic vitality – to support projects that help communities and citizens to prosper and grow.
    • to support capital projects that are providing vital social and civic infrastructure and economic growth
    • to support signature community programs and events that provide significant community identity and quality of life

Grants are awarded to organizations in geographic areas that are served by Avista Utilities. These areas are northern Idaho, eastern Washington, southern Oregon and Sanders County, Montana.

Numerous factors are considered in determining eligibility of a program or organization for funding by the Avista Foundation.

An organization must the the following to be eligible for consideration:

  • tax exempt under the IRS and provide a copy of its 501(c)(3) determination letter
  • Impact an area of focus for the Avista Foundation
  • Benefit citizens and communities in the geographic areas served by Avista Utilities

How much is the average grants awarded by The Avista Foundation?

This information is not available.

How to apply for The Avista Foundation Grant?

Qualified organization applying for the grant must accomplish the Avista Foundation Grant Application which can be accessed online. The applications will be reviewed every quarter on February, August, May and November. Organizations may submit their applications anytime.

Where to send applications for The Avista Foundation grant?

Applicants must send their applications to:

Avista Foundation
PO Box 3727
Spokane, WA 99220-3727

For more information on The Avista Foundation, contact:

Phone: 509.495.8156
E-mail: contributions@avistacorp.com

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