Community Foundation of East Mississippi

What is Community Foundation of East Mississippi Grants?

The Community Foundation of East Mississippi was established in 1984 as a charitable foundation that is publicly supported. It consists of named funds that are established by several separate donors for East Mississippi’s benefit.

Community foundations began in 1914, Cleveland and has since grown to almost 700 organizations nationwide. A group of civic leaders established the Community Foundation of East Mississippi after seeing the opportunity in retaining and preserving the local charitable assets for the good of the public.

Who are eligible for Community Foundation of East Mississippi Grants?

Organizations that will provide their services in the area of East Mississippi or primarily serves the residents of East Mississippi are welcome to apply for grants with the Foundation. The applicant should be tax-exempt under the IRSC Section 501(c)(3). The organization must not be involved in any lobbying or political activities.

Criteria for Grantmaking

Applicants for Foundation funds must demonstrate the following characteristics:

  1. Staff capacity
  2. Responsible financial management and sound fiscal policy
  3. The elected Board of Directors should fairly reflect the organization’s constituencies and is able and has the authority to create policies that will complete the project being proposed
  4. Capacity in conducting program evaluation
  5. Cooperation and collaboration with other organizations
  6. To understand and describe the relationship between other services and the proposed project; and service providers that are within the community
  7. A base of financial and community support

The Foundation grants low priority to requests for and from:

  1. Replacement of government funds
  2. Organizations that have ready access to other sources of financial support
  3. Public agencies for mandated services
  4. Multi-year grants for projects
  5. Duplication of services already provided by other organizations within the same geographic area Federated fund drives

The Community Foundation will not fund:

  1. Projects of a religious nature which will require devotion to a fastidious set of beliefs in order to receive services
  2. Organizations that differentiate on the basis of age, race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religious belief or political affiliation
  3. Operating support for programs that already exist
  4. Endowment Campaigns
  5. Replacement of government funds
  6. Memberships or tickets to events and conference attendance expenses
  7. Regional, state or national organizations
  8. Political organizations or candidates
  9. Fraternal and veterans organizations
  10. Telephone and advertising solicitations
  11. Feasibility studies meant for capital campaigns
  12. Fundraising activities and expenses or staff positions related to fundraising or development

How to apply for Community Foundation of East Mississippi Grants?

The Community Foundation of East Mississippi will manage a diversity of philanthropic funds. The grantmaking process is driven by two key components: (1) adherence to the original vision of the donor and (2) maximum benefit for the area residents. The Program Committee oversees the process of the Foundation’s grantmaking.

Grant Submittal Process:

  1. Application: Submit a completed application along with required documentation. Only completed applications will be considered. Institutions with multiple sites or departments that will require permission from a central office must provide documentation of institutional authorization during submission of an application.
  2. Staff Review: Staff thoroughly reviews every application. They forward a recommendation that could be an instant denial, further concept development (potentially defer the application to the subsequent cycle), or request more copies of the application for review. Site visits and meetings with applicants are scheduled to clarify their understanding of the organization or the proposed project.
  3. Board Review: The Board of Director’s Program Committee reviews applications and makes recommendations to the full Board. The Board must approve all grant awards made by the Foundation.
  4. Notification: All applicants will receive the Board’s decision in a written notification. Those selected for grants will sign a Grant Contract and are expected to adhere to its stipulated terms.
  5. Reporting: Organizations that will receive grants are expected to submit their final reports. Failure to do so may affect their future funding.

Where to send applications for Community Foundation of East Mississippi Grants?

Applications should be sent to:

P.O. Box 865
Meridian, MS 39302-0865

For more information on Community Foundation of East Mississippi, contact:

Telephone: (601) 696-3035
Fax: (601) 696-3037

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