Chisholm Foundation

What is The Chisholm Foundation Grant?

Alexander F. Chisholm is a philanthropist, businessmen and churchman from Laurel, Mississippi who founded the Chisholm foundation in 1960 as a charitable organization.

Since its inception, the mission of this foundation has been to give support and nurture the significant efforts in the arts, education and religion.

The founder’s family for the past 3 generations continues to guide the foundation’s activities and serve its original vision.

Who are eligible for The Chisholm Foundation Grant?

The Chisholm Foundation Directors consider the following factors in evaluating proposals for grants:

  1. Purpose and Objectives: What is the specific need or problem addressed by the project? How will the project contribute to a solution?
  2. Selection: Why has your organization decided to work on this problem? Is the project proposal compatible with the organization’s mandates? What other organizations, if any, will be addressing the problem or are cooperating with you on this effort?
  3. Plan and Budget: What are the financial resources and specific steps needed to complete the project? What is your time frame?
  4. Oversight: Who will manage the project? Will the project require new staff and other resources?
  5. Evaluation: How will the benefits and progress of the project be measured? Is there an unbiased, external evaluation by an advisory committee or consultant in determining the project’s success?
  6. Board of Directors: Was the board of your organization involved in the plan development, and is it formally approved it? How will the board be involved in project management? Has the project been evaluated in how it will affect the organization’s future?
  7. Financing: How much funds of the project is to be provided internally? Are there commitments been made by other grant makers? Are there other funding sources where proposals were submitted to? Upon project completion, will internal financial resources support its results?
  8. Outcomes: How will the results of the project be used within your organization? How will the results of the project be shared with others in the field and the general public?
  9. Reporting: If a grant is approved, what accounting of expenditures periodic progress reports will be provided? Who are responsible for these?

How to apply for The Chisholm Foundation Grant?

The Chisholm Foundation has no fixed proposal format or specific application form. However, the following information is essential in considering a proposal:

  • a brief description of the organization submitting the proposal as well as a a brief summary of the project proposed project
  • the project schedule and budget
  • the grant amount requested
  • other current funders of the project; other pending proposals;
  • copy only of the IRS tax exemption letter of the submitting organization;
  • Published material or brochures pertaining to the organization or project

Where to send applications for The Chisholm Foundation Grant?

Mail the Chisholm Foundation
544 Central Avenue
PO Box 2766
Laurel, MS 39442

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