Apostle Islands Area Community Fund

What is Apostle Islands Area Community Fund Grant?

At present the Apostle Islands Area Community Foundation has over 290 active funds a lot of which is directed to nonprofit organizations. Organizations that need support from the Community Foundation of the Duluth Superior Area should read first about who and what the foundation will provide funds for. If your organization is eligible for the fund then fill out a grant inquiry and the foundation will help you in applying for the grant that suits your requirements.

Who are eligible for Apostle Islands Area Community Fund Grant?

The grants are awarded to organizations that have initiatives that fulfill the variable needs in the region of the Apostle islands in the areas of:

  • Arts
  • Civic Projects
  • Adult Education
  • Environment
  • Human Services
  • Human Rights

Within these areas grant priorities include:

  • Strengthening the collaboration among the organizations within their service area particularly the Madeline Island-Bayfield-Red Cliff area and the ties between individuals in their community
  • To deal with the underlying causes of problems within the community
  • To undertake studies on the matters that have an impact on public policy or civic issues
  • In building an organization’s management and/or program capacity
  • Responding to the needs of the community that will require moderate grant amounts but will produce significant results
  • New concepts and projects and will require start-up funds

Items that are not funded include:

  • Capital and/or equipment requests
  • Ongoing program support

How to apply for Apostle Islands Area Community Fund Grant?

Applicants will be encouraged to submit their full proposal based on the results of the organization’s inquiry. The foundation encourages electronically submitted applications and materials.

Where to send applications for Apostle Islands Area Community Fund Grant?

Send all applications by email to: grantsinfo@dsacommunityfoundation.com

For more information on Apostle Islands Area Community Fund, contact:

Phone: 218.726.0232 • Fax: 218.726.0257

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