Ann Bancroft Foundation

What is Ann Bancroft Foundation Grant?

The Ann Bancroft Foundation gives grants to females who want to make their potentials and biggest dreams a reality. The foundation recognizes individual achievements and the promotion of initiatives that inspire risk-taking, courage, individuality and integrity in women and girls.

The Grants they award are the following:

  • Provide Mini-Grants to young girls who are in ages 10 to 10th grade to achieve their dream;
  • Provide recognition and inspiration to girls and women through awards;
  • Put a spotlight on exceptional programs and individuals;
  • Support and encourage programs with the girls’ organizations;
  • Form tactical partnerships with corporations in supporting programs that are implemented in other organizations;
  • Be an organizer in programs, special events and more

Who are eligible for Ann Bancroft Foundation Grant?

Girls who are in age 5 to 19 and are from Minnesota are eligible for the grant. The applications are screened by a foundation representative prior to being brought to a volunteer committee who in turn ranks and reviews the grants that will be distributed.

How much is the average grants awarded by Ann Bancroft Foundation Grant?

Individual grants are not to exceed $1,000. “Let Me Play” grants will average to $120. The number and amount of grants that are awarded for each session are being determined by the amount of funds available and in the number of qualified applicants.

How to apply for Ann Bancroft Foundation Grant?

Applicants must send their proposal by mail.

Where to send applications for Ann Bancroft Foundation Grant?

Our mailing address is:

Ann Bancroft Foundation
808 14th Avenue SE
Minneapolis, 55414
Phone 612-676-9484

For more information on Ann Bancroft Foundation, contact:

Please send an email to this address with your name, address, phone number and fax, email address if you have any questions or inquiry or questions to:

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