Andersen Corporate Foundation

What is Andersen Corporate Foundation Grant?

The Andersen Corporation started their legacy of giving support to the community since it was founded in 1902. The founders, Hans and Sadie Andersen with their children Herbert, Molly and Fred were very active in the community where they lived participating in its growth and success. They were very modest with their generosity by giving anonymous gifts.

The business leaders of the Andersen Corporation put up the Andersen Corporate Foundation (formerly the Bayport Foundation) in 1941 as a nonprofit private corporation in Minnesota to provide better help for the community of St. Croix Valley where the corporate headquarters are located. All through this time the corporation provides for the Foundation’s funding.

Who are eligible for Andersen Corporate Foundation Grant?

Eligible non-profit organizations that provide the community, support and social services that will help improve people’s lives, most especially those places where Andersen employees work and live, will be provided by the foundation funding for general operating, capital and program requirements.

The Foundation prioritizes funding areas like Minnesota, Washington County, Western Wisconsin and secondarily St. Pauk, east Metro Area.

How to apply for Andersen Corporate Foundation Grant?

Send proposal through mail.

Where to send applications for Andersen Corporate Foundation Grant?

Requests for funding are submitted directly to the Regional Foundation Committees at the local Andersen Enterprise.

For more information on Andersen Corporate Foundation, contact:

For inquires please call: (651) 275-4450 or email at:

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