Americana Foundation

What is Americana Foundation Grant?

Adolph and Ginger Meyer established the Americana Foundation in order to give their support to various personal interests through philanthropy. The guiding focus of the Foundation’s programs is a combination of their industrial success, their interest in agriculture and protection of urban open space and with their deep appreciation and knowledge for genuine American art.

The Foundation’s purpose is to provide support to advocacy and educational programs that concentrate on preserving American agriculture, conserving natural resource and in protecting and presenting expressions of American Heritage.

The 2 program areas which the Foundation focuses on are the preservation, protection and education of:

  • American heritage which are expressed by its material culture
  • Through the use of land and growth management of agriculture and natural resources

Who are eligible for Americana Foundation Grant?

The Foundation only awards grants to nonprofit organizations determined by the IRS as charitable, educational or scientific and are recognized under the IRSC Section 501(c)(3) as tax exempt and a non-private foundation.

How much are the average grants awarded by Americana Foundation Grant?

The average amount of grants awarded by the Foundation amounts to $20,000- $30,000.

How to apply for Americana Foundation Grant?

The Foundation has a standard application form but also accepts the downloaded PDF/MS-Word version form of the Council of Michigan Foundations. They also accept applications following the guidelines indicated below. A brief proposal should be submitted on or before the 10th day of January, July, April and October. A concept letter or phone call helps in determining if the project fits the Foundation’s program areas.

The following should be included:

  • Brief description of the program’s specific objectives and basic needs
  • Amount requested
  • Brief history of the organization that is submitting the request

The following items should be included with a grant request:

  • Cover letter with signatures
  • Specific amount requested
  • Qualifications
  • Objectives and Goals of the project
  • Implementation Time Line
  • Evaluation Plan
  • Line item budget
  • Latest financial statements
  • List of further funding sources
  • Employer ID number

Where to send applications for Americana Foundation Grant?

Applications must be sent to the following address:

28115 Meadowbrook Road
Novi, MI 48377-3128

For more information on Americana Foundation, contact:

Phone: 248-347-3863
Fax: 248-347-3349

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