Grants in Dental Work

Dental works involves dental and oral care. Hygiene is also part of it. Dental services are also part of works in dental and oral health. In order to improve dental services and works, there are grants for dental work all over the country sponsored by institutions, foundations and organizations working for the dental and oral health.

California Dental Association Foundation Grant Program

The California Dental Association Foundation or simply CDAF is one of the leading foundations in recognizing the oral health epidemic; they also provide quality care to the susceptible individuals such as children, working families and the senior citizens. Through the Foundation’s Grant Program will provide the needed financial grants amounting to as much as $25,000 to eligible non-profit organizations and clinics that are incline to address one or more of the main objectives of the foundation in the California. The foundation is offering the grants to those organizations willing to make initiatives and programs that will represent preventive care, education for the consumer, restorative care and fluoridation. Interested organizations wanting to apply must first submit a Letter of Intent or LOI. The submission of LOI is for this year is on April 1 up to June 30. Sending of LOI can be accomplished through email at The LOI can be sent by mail at:

1201 K St.,
Ste. 1511,
Sacramento, CA 95814

Organizations with LOI that are accepted will be notified and will be given request to submit the full proposal on or before August 31, 2011. Application can be seen at Call the foundation at (800) 232 – 7645 with extension 4916 or by emailing any inquiries or comments at

Wisconsin Dental Association Foundation

The Wisconsin Dental Association or the WDA Foundation is dispersing charitable grants as well as donations to entities that will provide and offer dental care services to individuals that are belonging to the less privileged, low income and underserved communities. The foundation has an objective to assist people in getting quality dental treatment as well as educating them about the good and proper oral hygiene. The WDA mainly offer their services to the state of Wisconsin. The foundation will give grants to deserving entities in the form of money amounting to as much as $10,000. These grants are typically given to dental clinics that they can make use in purchasing supplementary supplies and equipment in order for them to go on with their charitable dental work. Visit to get more details about the grant or call them at (414) 276 – 4520.

Wisconsin Dental Association Foundation
6737 W. Washington Street, Suite 2360
West Allis, WI 53214

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