Grants for Disabled People

People with disability can apply for the grants for disabled people. Whether it is visual, hearing, mental and mobility disabilities, there are grants that will help them cope up with the situation. These grants can also empower and improve their life as they live with their disability.

Anthony Robbins Foundation Grants

The Anthony Robbins Foundation provides grants for non-profit organization or those classified as 501 (c) 3 organizations. They must be active in the works that coincides to the advocacy and mission of the foundation. Empowerment of the elderly, youth, homeless, disabled, hungry and prison individuals is the main focus of the foundation. Interested organizations wanting to apply must submit first a Letter of Intent or LOI online. Please visit in order to view the requirements and guidelines for the submission of LOI. Accepted LOI will be invited to send full grant proposal. For more information and details about the grants, call the foundation at (858) 444 – 3080 or visit

The Anthony Robbins Foundation
9672 Via Excelencia Suite 102
San Diego, CA 92126

Kessler Foundation’s Special Initiative Grants

The Kessler Foundation’s Special Initiative Grants are given to programs as well as organizations operating for the rehabilitation and physical disabilities in the New Jersey areas. However, these grants are only given to selected organizations. The foundation will invite only deserving organizations for the grants. The grants will run for one year and the cash assistance that will be awarded is from $5,000 up to $20,000. In this grant program, the foundation seeks to support programs that will provide education and training for persons having physical disabilities, their families, the public and the healthcare professional in medical rehabilitation as well as prevention of disability. Another is the programs in which the lives of the persons with physical disability will be improved in terms of many aspects in life such as recreation, arts, transportation and equipments like assistive device. Lastly, the foundation seeks to support initiatives, programs and projects that are aimed to improve the career advancement and employment of the persons with physical disability. All of these things are in New Jersey area. For more details about these grants, as well as other grant programs offered by the foundation aside from this, visit or call the foundation (972) 324 – 8362 or send an e-mail at For any inquiries and questions about the grants, send an e-mail to

Kessler Foundation
300 Executive Drive
Suite 70
West Orange, NJ 07052

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