Grants for Developmental Disabilities

Developmental disability describes disabilities that are lifetime. These are attributed to impairments mentally or physically. Usually, these are manifested prior to 18 years of age. There are lots of environmental, social and physical causes of these developmental disabilities; however, there are cases where the real cause can never be determined. About 2% of the population in the western countries are affected by developmental disabilities. These disabilities are twice as common in men as in women. There are researches stating that the occurrence of mild developmental disabilities is probable to be high in areas stricken by poverty and deprivation. In order to fully understand them as well as give them another chance for a fair living, there are grants for developmental disabilities that will enhance and improve their way of living.

Abell – Hanger Foundation

The Abell – Hanger Foundation is seeking to provide funding to organizations that have projects aligned to the mission and objectives of the foundation which are for the welfare of the public, in terms of education, cultural activities, and services for the health and programs for the youth and the handicapped or disabled. This year, the grants are only offered to Midland and Ector counties. However, it may become available in this fiscal year for them that will end in June 30, 2011. Visit to know the latest developments in their grant making activities. Interested organizations can get the application forms by downloading here: For more inquiries, contact the executive director through phone at (432) 684 – 6655.

Abell-Hanger Foundation
P.O. Box 430
Midland, Texas 79702-0430

Able Trust

The Able Trust’s goal is to give assistance to individuals with disabilities to go to work provided that they desire it. The Able Trust is giving support to individuals, non-profit organizations, and vocational rehabilitation programs all over Florida. Their programs include fund-raising, grant making and awareness of the public mass about disability issues. The main focus of the Able Trust is the vocational rehabilitation. The following are the programs supported by the Able Trust: on-the-job or OJT coaching, job skills and training, supported employment, development and creation of jobs, outreach of the employer, compliance with the ADA facility, evaluation of skills and programs that will lead to employment. Please visit their website at to get to know more about the grant programs they have. Contact the Able Trust through phone at (850) 224 – 4493 or through email at

3320 Thomasville Road
Suite 200
Tallahassee, FL 32308

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