Grants for Dental Care – Programs for Dental and Oral Health

Dental care is all about caring for the teeth and the body parts in it such as gums and tongues. It is important to give proper dental check up at least once a year to ensure the health of the teeth. In addition to that, there must be proper oral hygiene in order to have shiny, sparkling and white teeth. However, not all can access to quality dental care; fortunately, the government as well as other concerned organizations offers grants for dental care especially to the less privileged and underserved people.

Veterans Dental Care

The Veterans Dental Care is program managed by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Eligible for this program are those in the armed forces. For full details of the eligibility, the benefits under the program, interested applicants can go to the nearest Veterans Affairs Health Administration Center. Those interested to apply can personally visit any VA medical center, regional offices that have outpatient clinics or simply outpatient clinics. Eligible applicants can also apply through any representative of the service organization or by getting the VA form 10-10EZ and mailing it to the local VA health care facility. You can call the VA at 202) 273 – 8303 or 8302.

Headquarters Health Administration Service,
Department of Veterans Affairs,
Washington, DC 20420

Massachusetts Dental Society Foundation Grant

The Massachusetts Dental Society Foundation or MDS Foundation is a philanthropic as well as charitable organization that is seeking to enhance and improve the oral and dental health of people. They do these things by giving grants for projects and programs that are sustainable and concerned in improving the access to dental care particularly for the needy and susceptible communities. The foundation has grants open to every non-profit organizations who have initiatives and programs aligned to the mission of the MDS. Interested parties can contact the MDS foundation through Karen Rafeld by e-mail at You can call the foundation through phone at (800) 342 – 8747. Below are the programs supported by the MDS foundation, but it is not limited to them:

  • Enhancing the access to dental and oral care for less privileged and low-income families
  • Enhancing the access to dental and oral care for the infirmed or senior citizens of Massachusetts
  • Enhancing the access to dental and oral care for the special needs and development of disabled people
  • Giving support to the community in the outreach programs in terms of public health
  • Other programs and projects that will enhance the access to dental and oral care for the underserved communities

Massachusetts Dental Society
Two Willow St.
Suite 200
Southborough, MA 01745

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