Grants for Cancer Survivors

The fruits resulted from the cancer research and studies can be seen to the increasing number of individuals suffering from cancer to survive. Cancer can strike all walks of life. Students who became afflicted with cancer and survive after the treatment will have hard time standing up again because the resources that he/she have maybe already depleted due to cancer treatment. In order for them to stand again, there are scholarship grants for cancer survivors that are still attending class. The grants are very useful in terms of the schooling of cancer survivors.

The Cancer Survivor Fund

The Cancer Survivor? Fund is a program that is developed for awarding scholarships grants to deserving students that are previously diagnosed with cancer. The funding can be utilized by the students especially if they encounter tribulations, currently having problem on financial and emotional matters and are an excellent student academically. The application process can be done online in application forms and other requirements and guidelines can also be seen at The documents and requirements for the application must be mail at address below:

The Cancer Survivors’ Fund
P.O. Box 792
Missouri City, TX 77459

R.O.C.K. College Scholarship Program

The Reaching Out to Cancer Kids or simply R.O.C.K. College Scholarships grant is a project sponsored and funded by the American Cancer Society. The program is made available to students that are cancer patient back then and was able to defeat the cancer. With this program, students that are also cancer survivors can have a new and refreshing start as a student again in universities, colleges and vocational school in Florida. The college or the university scholarship grants that a student can receive is up to $2,700. This cash grant is intended for one school year. Aside from the general expenses in studying, the R.O.C.K. program also provides book grants that are worth $300 per year. Interested students (that are cancer survivors) can now apply to the scholarship. The due date for the submission of the application form is on or before the 11th of April, 2011. The application form is downloadable at www.cancersurvivorsfund.oeg.
The eligibility, guidelines as well as additional requirements for the application are also available at this website: Susan Lee, M. Ed. can help you if you have any questions and inquiries about the program by calling her at this number (800) 444 1410. You can still send email at

    American Cancer Society
    R.O.C.K. College Scholarship Program
    3709 W. Jetton Ave.
    Tampa, FL 33629

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