Grants for Cancer Research

Several private organizations and institutions as well as the federal government allot many resources for cancer research. They award grants for cancer research all over the world. These institutions are searching for ways to find the absolute cure and treatment of cancer. They also want to find out the cause of cancer. Through researches, many people who suffered from it can have high chance of surviving. As a matter of fact, the survival rates for some types of cancer are increasing and this can be attributed to the ongoing and successful research for cancer.

Lung Cancer Research Foundation or LCRF

The Lung Cancer Research Foundation or simple LCRF is a non-profit organization that provides funding that will cover every aspects of lung cancer research. The requests for grant can be new submissions of project and renewal or continuation of the current project that has been granted for funding. The foundation gives priority to projects that follows and be consistent to the LCRF’s mission, which is to give support to the national research and studies that gives focus in the development of innovative methods for treatments, screening as well as prevention of all kinds of lung cancer. The LCRF awards grants for cancer research in which the individual can use for his/her research is worth $50,000 per year and will start at the Fall of 2011. The due date for the application and submission of request is on the 29th of July, 2011.

To download the application form as well as grant guidelines, visit the The completed application form together with the necessary documents must be sent via email at For more inquiries and further details, call (646) 290 – 5154.

    Lung Cancer Research Foundation
    845 3rd Avenue, 6th Floor,
    New York, New York 10022

James S. McDonnell Foundation

The James S. McDonnell Foundation or simply JSMF is a non-profit organization that provides financial grants for researches in the following field: Brain Cancer, Complex Systems and the Human Cognition. Interested researches and investigators must have applications for research and their letters of inquiry must show that inclination towards one of the three areas of studies. The Research Award is open to researches that are initiated by investigators. Recipients can receive up to $450,000 cash grant that can be used for funding the research for three to six years. The main focus of the research must be with complex system and brain cancer. Application deadline is on the 15th of March, 2011.

    1034 South Brentwood Blvd., Suite 1850
    Saint Louis, MO 63117-1284
    Phone: 314-721-1532

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