Federal Grants for Drug Rehabilitation

In order for the individuals who are deem drug addict to cease their drug dependence and abuse, they should undergo drug rehabilitation. In this treatment, patients undergo processes that will help him/her to stop drug abuse and then to rehabilitate the life that is free from drugs.

You can start by going through a list of local drug rehab centers that can help you with your treatment.

There are grants for drug rehabilitation that are provided by the federal government in order to enhance and improve the rehabilitation service.

Urban Indian Health Services

The Urban Indian Health Services is a program administered by the US Department of Health and Human Services under the Indian Health Service agency. This grant program is intended to give services that are health-related to the Urban Indians, this services includes alcohol and substance abuse treatment, prevention, rehabilitation and education. Other services are the assessment of the mental health needs and services, promotion of health and prevention of disease and finally the immunization services. For more details about the eligibility, requirements, and application proves, contact the regional office or the head office. The funding awarded through this program ranges from $122,832 up to $626,765 with the typical average of $227,856. Applicants can also contact the Health Systems Specialist of the Urban Programs under the Indian Health Service through phone at (301) 443 – 4680. For inquiries about the grants, contact the office by e-mail at grantspolicy@ihs.gov or by phone at (301) 443 – 5204.

Grants Policy Office
12300 Twinbrook Parkway, Ste. 360,
Rockville, MD 20852

Veterans Rehabilitation – Alcohol and Drug Dependence

The Veterans Rehabilitation – Alcohol and Drug Dependence grant program is managed by the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) under the VA Health Administration Center. The program is designed to provide services in terms of medical, vocational, rehabilitation and social therapies to the veterans that are deemed to abuse alcohol and drug. This program is offering different treatment such as drug rehabilitation, detoxification and education. The application to the Veterans Rehabilitation grant must be made personally to any of the following: VA medical center or any outpatient clinic, regional and head office. The application form, the VA Form 10-10 can be obtained at the local or regional office, or to the closest medical center. This form can be mailed to the regional or local office. For further details about the grants such as the eligibility, requirements and application process, contact the nearest VA medical center or outpatient clinic as well as domiciliary, the Veterans Regional Office or give the main office a call at (202) 461 – 7352.

US Department of Veterans Affairs
810 Vermont Avenue,
Washington, DC 20420

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