Grants for Bariatric Surgery

The medical field that deals with obesity is called Bariatrics. The causes, treatment and prevention of being obese are tackled in this field of medicine. Bariatrics includes approaches in losing excessive weight through proper diet, behavioral therapies, exercising, pharmacotherapy and even surgeries. In the US, the problem about obesity is steadily becoming alarming. Being obese and overweight has its drawbacks: particularly to the health. Obese people can suffer diseases such as heart attack, cancer, diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, asthma and many more. In terms of mortality, obesity also has an impact. Researches and awareness about obesity are now taking its toll; there are grants for bariatric surgery and researches available that may help alleviate the rising problem of obesity.

American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Foundation

The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery or simple the ASMBS foundation is a non-profit foundation that is created to generate funding, which will be used to conduct research, education, enhancing public as well as the scientific understanding and awareness as well as the improvement entrance to the high quality treatment and care for obesity. ASMBS are currently funding 14 researches about Bariatrics. The 14 researchers applied for the grants for bariatric surgery. The cash assistance varies depending on the research and its length. Aside from the research grants, there are other grants that the foundation offers. One of the known projects is the Bryan Woodward Community Grant program. This program is created to give support to the local initiatives that addresses obesity problems. This grant is available only to the cities that became host for the ASMBS Foundation as well as the “Walk from Obesity” project by the Obesity Action Coalition. This grant will award cash assistance to 10 projects and the cash is up to $5,000. The amount varies and depends on the project. The usage of the cash grant must follow certain scopes. Guidelines, requirements and other relevant information about the grants they offer are available in their website at Interested applicants can call them at 866-471-2727. All applications and documentations must be sent by mail.

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