Grants for Autistic Children

Autism is one of the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs), in which the other two is the Asperger syndrome and the so-called Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified, is known to be characterized by actions that are repetitive and restricted. This disorder in the development of neurons can lead to impaired social interaction and communication. In other to give light to autism, many grants for autistic children are awarded and given to deserving individuals and organizations that are working for the benefits of those afflicted with ASDs. They provide assistance for the education, medical treatment, services as well as research for autism.

Autism Speaks Grants

One of the leading grantor for autism researches is the Autism Speaks in which they have awarded cash grants of more than $153 million to researchers and investigators. The Autism Speaks is currently offering grants for the following programs: general research that includes basic and clinical researches (classified into pilot and full level researches) and the trailblazer; the treatment researches that is also for full and pilot level and lastly the fellowship programs offered for individuals interested to take pre and post doctoral studies.

The complete information about the application process for research is available at the requests for application file that you can download at The deadline for application is on June 16, 2011. For more details, you can call 609-228-7313 and look for Joan New, the Senior Grants Administrator or email her at

Autism Speaks
1060 State Road, 2nd Floor
Princeton, NJ 08540

The Helping Hand Program Grants

Aside from researches, there are other organizations who are offering support for autistic children. The Helping Hand program by the National Autism Association is granting a onetime cash grant $1,500 per child. The money is not directly given to the families, but rather to the vendor of the service, equipments and medical tools they need as well as tuition for schooling. For the 2011 applications, the start of the submission for application is on June 1, 2011 and will end at July 15, 2011. The application can be downloaded from their website: Applicants must be 18 or below, resident of the US and have ASD, plus proof of income such as tax return. Call NAA at 877-622-2884. Mail your application here:

National Autism Association
1330 W. Schatz Lane
Nixa, MO 65714

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