Grants for Autism Research

As research initiatives for autism increase in number, many organizations, foundations and institutions are giving grants for autism research that will benefit the whole world, especially the families of those afflicted with autism.

Autism Speaks Grants For Autism Research

One of the active institutions that is working for the benefits of the many is Autism Speaks. They are working for the advancement of the research about autism. As of now, they have already granted $153 million cash assistance for the studies and researches about autism. For the year 2011, Autism Speaks has released the guidelines for Basic and Clinical Research Grants for the Full and Pilot level studies. The focus is more on the innovative behavioral and biomedical research regarding the causes, treatment, diagnosis, cure and prevention of autism and the so called Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Recipients can receive the following cash grants: for full level research, recipients can get up to $150,000 annual assistance for up to three years of research; for pilot level research, each recipient can get up to $60K annual assistance for up to two years of research.

The full details about the application, requirements, forms are available at the Request for Application website at

For other questions, you can call Autism Speaks here;

Joan L. New, Grants Administrator
1060 State Road, 2nd Floor
Princeton, NJ 08540

Aside from these specific field of research interest (in which this is the highlight), interested researchers and investigators can still apply for grants for autism research in various field. The following are other available programs: general research in which the above program is included. Another one is the so-called Trailblazer program; the treatment research programs that are broken down into two categories such as the full and pilot scale; last is the fellowship programs in which interested applicants wanting to apply for post and pre-doctoral studies.

The research that will be conducted that will enlighten billions of people about autism and ASD are very needed in these times.

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