Grants for Autism Program

Autism is a treatable disorder and people afflicted with it need proper understanding. This may be a disorder, but you should think that they are just like us that need assistance. Autism is characterized by a malfunctioned neural development. In addition to that, people with autism have weakened way of interacting and socializing with his/her surrounding. At times, you may expect autistic people having to do repetitive as well as restricted actions. As autistic people become adulthood, only few become successful as they become adult. This is where help must be place – to help them a nurturing, empowering, enhancing and developing ground so that they can become competitive as they grow up. There are grants for autism programs in which given to deserving individuals and organizations who are working for the benefits of autistic people and their families. Most of the time, these grants goes directly to the services and vendors of the things needed by the individual with autism.


A.N.G.E.L., Inc or the Autism Network through Guidance, Education & Life is classified as a 501(c) 3, which is non-profit organization. This organization offers several programs and services particularly to Wisconsin families with autism member. They offer grants for autism programs in different fields – it can be for education, for social awareness, for the families of the afflicted child, medical assistance and so on. Financial grants are awarded to families in which they have to use for their child with autism. The deadline for application is always on quarterly basis and the complete set of guidelines about the requirements is posted in their website at The application form is available here also and the form and other documents must be sent via email at

AutismCares Support Award Grants

The AutismCares Support Award is also offering grants for autism programs. The organization is assisting the families that are affected with autism for the cover of expenses associated with the following: day care, housing, car repair, funeral expenses, utilities and other important critical living expenses that are case-by-case basis. The financial grant that a recipient can have is $1,000 per year. The deadline for the application is on February 22, 2011. The application process is done online in their website at If you have any queries and clarification to settle with, then contact the AutismCares at 888-288-4762 or email them at

Make a difference, donate to these organizations and help the lives of those afflicted with autism. Give them a nurturing environment.

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