Grants for Autism

Autism is known to be a disorder in the development of neurons and characterized by the weakened interaction and communication socially. The behavior is also repetitive and restricted to some extent. Autism can affect the processing of the information in the brain because it can alter the way nerve cells with their synapses do connection and organization. Even if there is no known treatment for autism as of now, behavioral or even the cognitive intervention early on can assist the autistic children in gaining communication and social skills, plus self care. However, not all children afflicted with autism are living independently when they become adults. This is where supports must come from – to help them in their adulthood, whether it is quality education, career or simple quality living. People must treat autistic people as someone who are different and not who has a disorder.

Support can come from individuals, organizations, foundation and even the federal government. Grants for autism are usually given to organization who are working for the cause of autistic children and people as well as to individuals in which he/she can use for his/her medical treatment.

Schwallie Family Scholarship Grants for Autism

The Schwallie Family Scholarship program provides assistance in the form of cash grants autistic persons in which they can use for their education. Applicant must be first admitted to any college, university, or vocational school in the US. The monetary grant is $3,000 that deserving recipient can use for the expenses in school. Application form is available and downloadable in website of the Organization for Autism Research.

Mail the completely filled out application form, together with the requirements to:

2000 N. 14th Street
Suite 710, Arlington
Virginia 22201
You can contact them at 703-243-9710

Anne Ford and Allegra Ford Scholarship Awards

Anne Ford and Allegra Ford Scholarship Award is another foundation that supports the education for autistic people. The award is sponsored and in cooperation with the National Center for Learning Disabilities or NCLD. The scholarship grants for deserving autistic individual is cash amounting to $10,000. Eligible applicants must be graduating high school senior students who are known to have disability in learning. Applicants must be applying or even starting to pursue an undergraduate degree course as the application time progress. The application form for this scholarship grant is available at Interested applicants can call NCLD in their telephone number 212-545-7510. Mail the completed form to:

381 Park Avenue South,
Suite 1401 New York,
New York 10016

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