Grants for Asthma

One of the respiratory medical conditions that are known worldwide is the Asthma. This is known to affect the respiratory system that is caused by inflammation and tightening of the airway system in the lungs. There is no known cure for asthma, but controlling it is possible through prescription medications coupled with healthy lifestyle. There are numerous supports for the innovation in the projects for the asthma treatment as well as prevention, from researches to charitable works.

Merck Children Asthma Network Grants

This grant is sponsored by the Merck Company Foundation, which provides funding support to eligible charitable and non-profit organizations. The main goal of the Foundation is to give support to the organizations with the innovation to the programs that will create expansion and access to the medicines, and high quality health care. They also support the building of biomedical and health sciences researches. The foundation also promotes the needed environments that will encourage innovative, economic growth and development. As of now, the foundation has awarded more than $420 million as their support for the significant initiatives addressing the needs of the society. For more details about the foundation and grants, visit their website at

American Asthma Foundation Gants

This institution is known for awarding excellent researchers grants for asthma researches. These researchers vary widely in their profession; they can be pharmacology, pathology, medicine, epidemiology, biology and among other scientist. The foundation has granted more than 100 scientists as of today totalling up of up to $70 million in grants. The foundation is offering grants not just in U.S., but also in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Israel, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology Grants

Known as the AAAAI , the group has been offering grants for asthma to its members. In addition to their own grants, they also work in partnership with several associations such as the American Lung Association in awarding grants to qualified individuals. Examples of the programs offered by AAAAI are the AAAAI Honorary Award as well as the AAAAI Allergic Respiratory Diseases Award.

Dartmouth Medical School Grants

Institutions like the Dartmouth Medical School are also offering grants for asthma studies and researches. The medical school is awarding monetary grants to the accepted applicants. The program is open for senior investigators. Recipient of the grant will get $250,000 annually financial aid that he/she can use in his/her research for three years. Another program they are offering is the Early Excellence in which they are awarding grants of monetary amount up to $150,000 per year that recipient can use for three years in his/her research. Applicants should have the professor or associate professor title in the institution he/she belongs.

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