Grants for Amputees

The Americans with Disabilities Act guarantees equal opportunities in employment, education and services for amputees. This however doesn’t guarantee that they will have an easier life. They have to face challenges that are already extreme to them but are just ordinary part of life for normal people. Losing a limb means more than just losing a physical part of their body; it can also cause loss of self-confidence and self-esteem. It can also cause financial hardships as they may find themselves unable to perform their jobs and thus lose their source of income. The federal government and many private institutions have partnered together to come up with grants for amputees that can help them not only to perform activities of daily living but also continue to be productive both for their own sake and for the benefit of the community as well.

Limbs for Life Foundation

This foundation has four programs designed to help as many amputees as possible. The help raise funds and promote awareness of the need of amputees all over the country and in other parts of the world. Their primary goal is to provide prosthetic care for amputees who cannot afford to buy for themselves and raise awareness of the general public to the plight of amputees. They put up fundraising activities and receive charitable donations for their Prosthesis Fund. They use the money to directly help an amputee by giving them brand new prosthesis and the necessary follow-up support care. The foundation also has World Limb Bank that serves as a repository of used limbs that they distribute to amputees living in developing countries. Their Network of Contacts is composed of therapists, emotional support contacts and prosthetists that provide their services for free to qualified recipients of prosthesis. The Limbs for Life Foundation also has also created a Public Information program for the education of the general public about amputees and the challenges and opportunities they have. You can get more information about the foundation and their programs here:

Limbs for Life Foundation
218 E. Main St.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104
Toll Free: (888) 235-5462
Fax: (405) 843-5123

The Barr Foundation

This nonprofit foundation established their Amputee Assistance Fund for the purpose of assisting amputees in receiving prosthetic rehabilitation. They provide funds to amputees in the US and in other countries. Their primary goal is to help in advancing the education and improvement of support given by the community to amputees all around the world by providing and opening easy access to adequate prosthetic care services.

You can visit the fund’s website link above or call them at (561) 391 7601.

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