Grants for Alzheimer’s

Just because Alzheimer’s disease usually occurs during old age, people think that it is a normal part of aging. Actually it is not, although the majority of those who suffer from Alzheimer’s are 65 years old and above. About 5% of them have early onset or younger onset Alzheimer’s or those who are in between the age of 40 and 50. There is no known cure as of yet and because it is a degenerative disease, it worsens over time. Depending on the age the person and other significant health conditions, on average, an Alzheimer’s victim can live eight years after the appearance of symptoms. Available treatment can only slow down but not stop the symptoms and help improve the sufferer’s quality of life. Researches are being done to develop effective treatment and delay its onset. There are many research grants for Alzheimer’s disease that can help those who want to contribute to the worldwide efforts of conquering this disease.

Alzheimer’s Association International Research Grant Program

The Alzheimer’s Association is in the forefront of global efforts in providing care and support for Alzheimer’s disease research. They have an International Research Grant Program that awards financial assistance to investigations that help in increasing our understanding of this disease and provide new treatment ideas and strategies, develop an information system that can result to the improvement of care and support for people with dementia. Their program also gives support to advance our knowledge of Alzheimer’s disease prevention and general brain health. With the primary purpose of improving the qualify of life for those who are being affected by this disease the Alzheimer’s Association wants to achieve new insights into the nature of the disease and other types of dementia, and use this knowledge to improve the care and support they are able to provide to those who live with Alzheimer’s.

You can get more information about this grant program, their eligibility requirements, application process and other provisions from the association’s headquarters:

Alzheimer’s Association National Office
225 N. Michigan Ave., Fl. 17
Chicago, IL 60601
Telephone: (312) 335 5747

Alzheimer’s Disease Supportive Program Grant

The US Department of Health and Human Services has Alzheimer’s Disease Supportive Program that provides grants for Alzheimer’s disease as well. This program was established to deliver supportive services not only for persons with Alzheimer’s but also to their family caregivers. Their primary goal is to enhance diagnostic and support services to Alzheimer’s victims and make them available to their families and caregivers as well. Assistance is given through a proven care and support system. You can get more information about this program here:

US Department of Health and Human Services
Administration on Aging
Washington DC 20201
Telephone: (202) 619 0724
Fax: (202) 357 3523

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