Grants for Alcohol Treatment

Most people don’t consider alcohol as a drug problem and don’t think that drinking alcohol is much the same as taking drugs. Alcohol abuse is part of our nation’s drug problem indeed and merits as much attention if not more, as heroin or cocaine abuse. Alcohol impairs one’s judgment, central and peripheral nervous system, and it is well known to us how many lives have been lost in car accidents caused by drunk driving. There are many factors that determine how we are affected by alcohol and we manifest the effects but for most people, it is simply the amount of alcohol they have drunk. Our liver is actually quite an efficient organ to handle alcohol but it can only metabolize so much. If you drink fast enough, the liver is unable to process the amount and you get really drunk. Alcoholism is a national problem and thus, government and a great number of private organizations have set up their own grants for alcohol treatment to help those who are troubled with alcohol abuse.

Block Grants for Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse

This program is granted through the Department of Health and Human Services. It was established to give financial aid to all US states and territories needing support for their alcohol treatment, rehabilitation and prevention projects. Part of the funds can be used for education and counseling to individuals, provide activities designed to minimize risk of abuse through the development of prevention strategies. Average grant amount is $28,477,690. You can get more information about this program, eligibility requirements for applicants and beneficiaries, application and award procedures from the grant’s headquarters:

1 Choke Cherry Rd.
Rockville, Maryland 20857
Telephone: (240) 276-1422.

Veterans Rehabilitation-Alcohol and Drug Dependence

This program is administered by the Department of Veterans. It was established to assist eligible veterans who have become drug and alcohol dependent receive social, vocational, medical and rehabilitation services and therapies in VA clinics and medical centers. Veterans can avail of the different treatment modalities such as continuing care, detoxification, relapse prevention, rehabilitation for substance abuse, psychiatric treatment and other necessary treatments. If you are a drug or alcohol dependent veteran and you served in the active air, naval or military service and were not released or discharged dishonorably, you may apply personally for admission to this program to the nearest VA domiciliary, medical center, regional office or outpatient clinic. The headquarters of this program is located at:

Associate Chief Consultant
Addictive Disorders (116B)
Department of Veterans Affairs
810 Vermont Ave., Washington, DC 20420
Telephone: (202) 461-7352.

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