Grants for CNA training in New York

Many people are looking for scholarships or grants for CNA training. CNA is short for Certified Nursing Assistant. CNA is slowly gaining popularity to most people and steadily becoming one of the most sought after job today in the country. The Department of Labor and the Bureau of Labor Statistics projected the increase in people taking up CNA and needing training for it. The cost for CNA training all over the country ranges from $1,000 and can go as high as $4,000. Most of the time, private hospitals in which the CNA is employed can get grant for the needed training. In New York, CNA is one of the hottest jobs today. The typical cost of CNA training in New York is less than $2,000 and not all people are capable of affording the cost of the training. That is why the local and city government of New York are making all the efforts to help the deserving CNA in their needed trainings.

Local nursing homes

New York City has numerous nursing homes facilities. Most of the time, local nursing homes are offering free CNA training for interested applicants; however, the recipients of this free training must work for those nursing homes.

New York City Department of Education

The New York City Department of Education is also offering free CNA certification classes for its residents in the five regions. Visit to know more about the programs of the Department of Education of NYC. For more inquires about the trainings, go to the “Contact Us” page of the NYC Department of Education at

Workforce1 Grants

The Workforce1 Grant program is offered to residents of New York whose household incomes fall below $56,000 annually. These people can receive grants in which they can use to get the needed nurse aide training in whole New York. This grant is available for all members of the Workforce1. Membership in the Workforce1 is free of charge. Visit their website at For people seeking grants for CNA training, you just have to follow the instructions and directions for their certified nursing assistant education grants. For more details and inquiries, you can contact the Healthcare Career Center at their phone number (718) 609 – 2144. The Workforce1 Career Centers in which you can visit are situated in the following boroughs of the New York: the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Staten Island.

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