Grants for Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a known neurological disorder. Children with this disorder suffer greatly. This disorder affects both the movements of the body and the coordination of the muscles. Individuals who have this disorder will find it that the treatment of it can be a burden financial speaking especially for the family of the patient. Good thing, there are organizations, foundations, private people and the government who are willing to give disability grants for cerebral palsy. Financial or non-monetary aids can relieve partially the financial burden.

Cerebral Palsy Plus is one of the organizations who are providing grants for cerebral palsy to qualified individuals and organizations. Most of the time, this organizations are paying for the equipment and the suppliers about the things needed for treatment. However, they are still provided financial assistance depending on the needs of the patients.

United Cerebral Palsy or UCP is also one organization that is reaching out to the cerebral palsy patients though the grants they are offering. This organization is funded by both the government as well as private entities in support to their mission of supporting people with disabilities like cerebral palsy.

There are also programs funded by private organization such as the Disabled Children’s Relief Fund. This program gives financial assistance to the patients for the payments of cerebral palsy treatments such as physical therapy and surgery. Equipments like wheelchairs and walkers are also covered. Financial aid from this program can be applied by any patient for once per year with an offer of $200 as the maximum. Another similar program is the disability grants offered by the Children’s Charity Fund. Patients can apply to this program annually and they can receive up to $500 that will help them pay for the medical equipment.

The federal and state government has the Department of Developmental Services or DDS that is providing grants to patients with cerebral palsy and the monetary aid can amount from $600 to $1,000 annually and the amount of the cash grant can go as high as $5,000 per year. The money granted to the patient can be utilized from the expenses in the needs at home. With this grants for cerebral palsy, there is still a chance for them live a normal life.

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