Grants for Breast Cancer Survivors

It is very good news to hear that more and more women who are afflicted with breast cancer prevails in their treatment and survives. The increasing number of breast cancer survivors is a good indication that the researches about the prevention and elimination of breast cancer are paying off. However, women who survived breast cancer are still facing a new challenge; this is about getting up again after putting so many resources for treatment. Good thing, there are foundation, institutions and organizations that recognize this fact and offer grants for breast cancer survivors.

Cancer Survivor’s Fund

This fund is created with a purpose of awarding scholarships to students whose lives are struck with cancer at a very young age. The fund is allotted for students that encounter hardships, have problems financially and emotionally but excel academically. Application is possible online; interested applicants can go to to fill up the application form. Guidelines and requirements are available at The needed requirements and documents must be mailed to this address:

Cancer Survivors’ Fund
P.O. Box 792
Missouri City, Texas 77459

R.O.C.K. College Scholarship Program

The R.O.C.K. College Scholarships grant is a program sponsored by the American Cancer Society. This program is available for students whose life is struck by cancer and survived. The program supports cancer survivors and gives them another chance to practice undergraduate course that he/she will take from accredited Florida universities, colleges as well as vocational or technical school. R.O.C.K. stands for Reaching Out to Cancer Kids.

To become eligible for this scholarship, students must reside in Florida and be diagnosed with cancer before he/she is 21 years old. He/she must be below 21 years old before applying and is admitted to the tertiary schools in Florida for the school year 2011-2012. The college/university scholarship grants is up to $2,700 that can be used per school year. Recipients will also receive book grants worth $300 per annum.

The recipients can make use of the scholarship for five academic years or upon reaching 130 hours of semester credit. For this year, the application form is now accessible to and must be submitted on or before the 11th of April, 2011. Guidelines and additional requirements are available at For more inquiries and details about the scholarship, call Susan Lee, M. Ed. at (800) 444 – 1410 or through email at

American Cancer Society
R.O.C.K. College Scholarship Program
3709 W. Jetton Ave.
Tampa, FL 33629

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